What is the TM Joint?

What is the TM Joint? from TMJ And Sleep

By: TMJ And Sleep  28-Sep-2012

The TMJ connects the lower jaw to the skull (temporal bone) under your ear. What can problems in TMJ cause? Problems in this area can cause head and neck pain, a jaw that is locked in position or difficult to open, problems biting, and popping sounds when you bite. Is TMJ pain an emergency? If you cant open your mouth (closed lock) or close your mouth (open lock). You should call us on 02 9267 7777 immediately. The more you wait the harder it is to place the jaw back into place. What are the causes of TMJ pain? Sleep plays a very big role in TMJ pain and we make sure we evaluate you sleeping problems as part of the cause of TMJ pain. Other common causes of TMJ pain are Trauma: Trauma is divided to microtrauma and macrotrauma. a) Microtrauma is internal, such as bruxism (grinding the teeth) and clenching (jaw tightening). This continual hammering on the temporomandibular joint can change the alignment of the teeth. Muscle involvement causes inflammation of the membranes surrounding the joint. b) Macrotrauma, such as a punch to the jaw or impact in an accident, can break the jawbone or damage the disc. Bruxism: Teeth grinding as a habit can result in muscle spasm and inflammatory reactions, thus causing the initial pain. Generally, someone who has a habit of grinding his or her teeth will do so mostly during sleep

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