Reason why so many people are suffering from TMD

Reason why so many people are suffering from TMD from TMJ And Sleep

By: TMJ And Sleep  17-Oct-2012
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When you visit any of the dental office, you might have heard doctor saying that, that particular person is suffering from TMJ, you must be wondering what does mean? Right! Is you hear about TMJ then it is actually TMD which is the medical acronym for TMJ Dysfunction, or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. Simply, the disease is referred as TMJ. Symptoms: The ones who suffer from TMJ dysfunction are prone to the following: • Sinus Pain • Constant headaches • Facial muscular pain • Neck and shoulder pain • Hearing disorder • Dizziness • Scalp tenderness • Throat pain • Difficulty in swallowing • Teeth grinding • Ear pain • Swelling on face Why are so many people affected with TMJ dysfunction? There are countless reasons but few are listed below: • Women are often prone to TMJ in comparison to men and this might be due to the reason that the ligaments in female body is tend to more laxity and results in ligament stretch out. • Trauma to head or face can also lead to TMJ which might be a result of accident or any other mishap. • Over time, poor bite or occlusion can lead to TMJ Dysfunction. There are some theories and dentists who have agreed in this point. • Clenching and grinding of teeth is another reason. As known that muscles are attached to bones and bones are alive, thus can be pulled, stretched and re shaped. Thus when you grind or clench at that time your muscles are being pulled and reshaping the jaw bone and affecting the opening of jaw leading to TMD. One could say that it is a common dysfunction for the human anatomy like TM joint and there are many reasons that support this cause. Thus, there is no need to worry, all you are required is to visit a doctor and discuss about your problem.

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