Headaches (Migraines, Tension Headaches)

By: TMJ And Sleep  28-Sep-2012

Why do I have headache (migraines or tension headache)? One in eight people suffer from recurring headaches that are so severe they cannot carry out normal living. An estimated 80% of all headaches occur from muscle tension. Did you know that many tension headaches are related to your bite? The important aim then is to correct your bite. Can there be other causes for my headache (migraines or tension headache)? Yes. People should rule out serious medical possibilities first with their doctor before any dental intervention What are the main causes of headache (migraines or tension headache)? A primary cause of all tension headaches, jaw and facial muscle pain is bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching teeth) which in turn is caused by a sleeping disorder such as sleep apnoea How do we diagnose what the cause of my headache (migraines or tension headache) is? We take a good medical and dental history which includes a series of questions and an examination. We look for any signs and symptoms of bruxism and sleep disorders. Scans may be taken to evaluate other problems. If a sleep disorder is suspected then we will organise for a sleep study to be performed.

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