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By: System Partners  22-Mar-2013
Keywords: Business Process, Business Process Management, Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Improvement Whenever a customer engages System Partners our first question is "how we can improve your business?". We need to understand your pain points within your business to ensure they are addressed. We utilise Business Process Mapping workshops to identify the pain points in the customer’s business and process. We then use an agile approach to address these pain points and design a technology and operational solution to address each pain point. Customer Relationship Management At the heart of our solutions is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is imperative that your CRM provides you with one view of all customer interactions. This ensures your teams have a complete view of your customers at any point in time equiping them to make the right decisions in a timely manner. We achieve this by ensuring all elements are integrated into your CRM system and the relevant information is delivered to you via such tools as Reports and Dashboards, Alerts, Chatter updates etc. Social Enterprise You may ask what is a Social Enterprise? More companies are interacting socially - both internally with their employees and externally with their customers. Your business can get social in 3 steps; where and how you start is up to you. Shouldn't it be easier to get answers and feedback, find experts, and share information at work? An employee social network breaks down barriers, elevates good ideas, keeps processes moving, and helps everyone work more collaboratively and productively. Cloud Infrastructure If you are thinking of purchasing infrastructure hardware your first question should be “why am I doing this?”. With Cloud infrastructure you no longer need to worry about CAPEX as this transforms to OPEX. We utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide Cloud Infrastructure in our business and have seen huge benefits in availability, autoscaling and cost. Your infrastructure usage is purely on-demand and you only pay for the time you use the resources.

Keywords: Business Process, Business Process Management, Business Process Management Software, Business Process Outsourcing, Process Outsourcing

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