Fraud suspicions, assisted in recovery monies.

By: Private Investigator Sydney: Ex-police and experienced private investigators.  11-Oct-2016
Keywords: Fraud, Investigation

A client had concerns about an investment he had become involved in; we were engaged to try and verify or discount the claims of the 'salesman'. Our inquiries found that the addresses used by the company were all virtual offices, that their were warnings about one of the companies the client had been directed to pay many thousands into, that some of the claims made by the 'salesman' were factually incorrect and that the relevant authorities had no knowledge of the nominated business nor had they granted any approvals. That the original advertisement was from a 'free' site in New Zealand, and was no longer current. That one company was started, but had no assets, using the identity of a 21yr old South American tourist who did not appear to be a resident of the country (a backpacker), and used an address which was dodgy, but may have in fact been a postal drop. The client started action, and managed to get a screen shot of the person suspected of being a fraudster (who was most unhappy about this), who, whilst claiming to be in NZ was skyping from UK, and claiming to be South Australia based?! Client did get his funds back, through solicitor action; whilst the fraud was not 'proved', and it is possible the funds received were from the subject stinging someone else, the client was happy. It is unusual for a 'sting' such as this to have a good outcome; it was a result of our research, smart actions by the client, and starting legal action early.

Keywords: Fraud, Investigation

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