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Scott F- I’m terrible at writing CVs and cover letters and hadn’t needed to for quite a few years. I was very fortunate that I was able to get Steph to formulate something I’d never have been able to. She is a wealth of helpful advice and will support you every step – all the way through to interview coaching (which again I needed some assistance in)!

It’s testament to her confidence-building that I was able to secure a job after my very first interview. I’ll be recommending Steph to everyone.



Katrina.G-Steph is the most extraordinary person who has the knack of helping you realise who you are and what you really want. Being naturally cautious, Steph encouraged me though all steps of the application, interview and negotiation process. Steph was able to create a superlative resume from my attempts and coach me with interview questions and techniques. Learning how to answer ‘What is your weakness?’ with what is actually a strength relative to the new job still blows my mind! After successfully winning the job, Steph continued to help me through the negotiation stages and I am one very happy and thankful lady. Oh, and don’t just think Steph only helps you from a job sense. Since meeting Steph I quite often find myself doing or thinking something that has come from a conversation with Steph and its improving my life all round. Her positiveness and confidence do really rub off on you! Thank you so much Steph.



D.Torre -Feeling de-motivated and unproductive in my job and failing at several interview’s in between, I decided to make a move and get in touch with Steph. I needed to get away from the mindset of “I will never find another job” and completely allow myself to be directed by her. It wasn’t easy, but after liaising via email for a short period it was time to put everything together and talk it out.

That phone call was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Steph went through the whole resume and cover letter with me and then proceeded to go through some life-coaching exercises in order to change my state of mind. I finished that call with a new energy and motivation to get out there and look for work. I followed her steps and within 2 weeks I had been set up with an interview. From a pool of 15 people, I got down to the final 2. In that space of time, I received a random call from another prospective employer who wanted to meet with me. I returned for a 2 interview and that afternoon got offered the role. I didn¹t actually look for the 2nd job, but the fact that I was in the right frame of mind, it all seemed to fall into place.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending people to Steph. I can safely say anyone dealing with her will walk away a better person. Some strong advice, even it what she tells you may seem a little out of your comfort zone, follow it to precision. You will learn that and much more about yourself and you WILL be more confident. Thank you Steph!!!!



Peter Gurney- Do you need somebody who can give your resume finesse and makes you stand out from the other applicants? Then Stephanie Jordaan is who you need.She has endless patience and the amazing ability to craft resumes and application letters. She takes your skills and abilities and promotes you in an impressive application letter.She has the key phrases and the language that employers want to read.Then after producing an amazing resume and an interview achieving application letter she will coach you in interview questions and techniques which will empower you,give you amazing self confidence and put you one step ahead of the competition.I can’t recommend Stephanie highly enough and have already recommended her to friends and work colleagues .She truly is an amazing career coach and she is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about her work and will help any client achieve their career goals.I am extremely grateful and indeed fortunate to have met Stephanie and saying thank you doesn’t begin to express my gratitude,but thank you Stephanie



Danielle Leaman-Steph helped me more with my resume than I ever expected. She was incredibly efficient, and more than happy to correspond with me as many times as necessary in order to make sure I was 100% happy with the finished result. She took a lackluster resume and turned it into something that has wowed potential employers time and time again. Not only is she both professional and courteous, she is an all around friendly person with a heart of gold. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing help with their resume or interview skills.



Melissa Cooper- “I have used Stephanie for over a year now to write my CV updates when I am on the move. I find the service amazing! She knows exactly what I am getting at even if what I send to her is a jumble of words that don’t even make sense! She knows Exactly what I need! I highly believe that the Job I have is due to the stunning CV she designed, as it was the one that stood out and made that difference in the pile”


Kelly M- I am extremely grateful for all the help Steph gave me when it came to updating my resume and cover letter and would recommend her services without hesitation! Having a fresh, detailed and eye catching resume and cover letter that makes sense and set out my achievements really made me proud to send it out! The tips and interview prep was invaluable in my career change and I always found Steph to be professional, friendly and she definitely knows how to get results. Thank you!! Kelly



Renelle and Richard Higgins- I would like to thank you so much Steph for all your hard work that you put in for both mine and my husbands resumes and cover letters. We are extremely busy people with not a lot of time on our hands and your professional service was fantastic. We have both had quite a lot of success in our quest for a change of career. I definitely believe that your imput in that success is noteworthy. I definitely will continue to recommend your services to all of our colleagues and friends. I also feel that your “after sales service” is unsurpassed. Thank you


Sue W – A big ‘thank you’, Steph, for your prompt, thorough and expert attention helping me compile my resume and cover letter. Somehow, you converted my mish-mash of skills, talents and experience into a polished, fine-tuned yet detailed snapshot of me and my career to date.
No matter what type of employment an applicant is seeking, you have a way of identifying their skills and attributes, then building their confidence to apply for that ‘perfect job’. No other job seeker stands a chance!


Tracie R: Just wanted to say thank you for the attention to detail and the time that you took
to provide me with my resume and cover letter. Having had various roles and progressing within the same company I needed to show all of my experience in the cover letter to secure my new role. Steph the time that you took to run me through a few interview questions and suggested examples help me greatly as I hadn’t had a proper interview in over 4 years. The questions that you asked made me think about my experience and how I should showcase it to my advantage. The result was a very smooth and comfortable interview and the new role secured without stress. Steph I will continue to be an advocate for your business and I wish you every success.


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