Social Check Report

Social Check Report from Social Check

By: Social Check  04-Sep-2014
Keywords: Employment, Career, Brand

The Social Check Report: Scans the profile data and the most recent 10,000 posts in your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ accounts using Social Check’s proprietary technology and algorithms. Assesses your online presence and identifies strengths and weaknesses across four key categories: “Profile”, “Presence”, “Participation”, and “ Privacy”. Identifies areas of concern including for example profanity, misspellings, the tone of posts, inappropriate content, incomplete and inconsistent information, and questionable timing of activity. Provides you with your unique Social Check Score out of 1,000. Benchmarks your performance against both your peers and best practice. Provides clear, actionable recommendations to address identified weaknesses to ensure your online personal brand is as strong as possible.

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