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Professional Indemnity Insurance Quotes from Professional Indemnity Insured

By: Professional Indemnity Insured  19-Dec-2013
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When you’re in the market for professional indemnity insurance you need to get a quote on prices and policies in order to make an informed decision. Some professionals are required under Australian law to carry indemnity insurance in order to do business; others may only need to carry the insurance for specific jobs, and some professionals are not required to carry the insurance at all. However, if you are not covered and some displeased client or customer decides to take you to court, you and your family could risk losing the life you’ve so carefully built. Think about it for a minute. Think about what it would be like if a client or customer decided to sue you. You would have to retain an attorney and potentially pay fees for expert witnesses, depositions, court costs—the list can go on and on. Further, depending on the type of loss your client blames you for, you could be faced with medical fees, reimbursements, or replacements for physical, financial, or material losses. Of course, you could win your case and not be liable for your client’s losses, but you would still be out the expensive legal costs of defending yourself. And court cases take a long time. Your income could even be compromised during the proceedings. What would you and your family do? If you want to do something to minimize the risk of that nightmare scenario, get a professional indemnity insurance quote today as the first step toward protecting yourself and your business. The insurance covers many fields of work from health care to financial, from education to architecture. Your best bet is to talk to your trusted financial adviser and a professional insurance broker and decide on a specific policy that’s right for you. With any number of variables involved in an insurance policy, it’s important to choose one that works for you and your business. When you ask for a professional indemnity insurance quote, be sure that you actually get several quotes in order to compare policies and prices. You’re a professional. You’ve studied your field, spent time in practice, and built your clientele. In other words, you’ve put time, energy, and money into your profession to build security for yourself and your family. It would be catastrophic to lose the equity you’ve earned through a customer holding you liable for his or her losses. Protect yourself. Protect your family and your business. Get started today with requesting a professional indemnity insurance quote. You’ll sleep easier knowing you’re protected.

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