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By: Priority Tree Services  13-Feb-2014
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Trees are assets in your landscape and it is essential that they are cared for. Like a motor vehicle they require regular maintenance to keep them safe and in good health. A well maintained and cared for tree will make sure that it remains structural sound, is devoid of parasites and disease and turns into a tree that adds value to your home. Tree pruning might be needed for a variety of reasons and you want to enusure that it is done properly. Improperly or incorrect pruning can damage your tree for good and ruin the framework, beauty or integrity of the tree. A few of the reasons tree pruning might be required include;. *Pruning for Safety Reasons. *Pruning for Light. *Selective trimming of branches or limbs. *Pruning to get rid of dead branches. *Pruning to thin canopy. *Fruit tree pruning. At Priority Tree Services we have highly experienced and qualified staff that understand exactly the best ways to prune trees of all sizes to ensure you receive the best result and it abides by the AS 4373-2007. With the abilities and tools available we have the ability to gain access to virtually any part of the tree and prune with accuracy. Tree Pruning for Safety Reasons. There might defective junctions in your tree or limbs that are very heavy and trimming might be needed to improve the security of these trees. If structural problems are discovered early they can commonly be trimmed to enhance safety measure or pruned out all together without affecting the general shape and character of the tree. Large limbs might need to have the weight reduced to improve their security. This might be the case with older and/or declining trees. Trimming and dealing with theses elements at early stage will decrease the likelihood of the tree getting damaged during windy or stormy weather. Our expert consultants will be able to provide you the necessary advice so you are able to make an enlightened choice. Tree Pruning for Light. As trees enlarge they occupy a bigger air space and this can in some cases lead to a reduction of light reaching your house or garden. This typically ends up being more obvious throughout the winter season when the sun is lower. The area and the tree need to be evaluated to determine the best trimming needed to improve light. This might include eliminate a few of the lower branches to obtain sunshine to permeate further under the tree. It could be a case of pruning smaller sized branches within the canopy to allow even more filtered light to fall through the tree. Topping or lopping of trees in this situation is not an excellent choice. It might resolve the issue at the time however ongoing it will make the situation even worse. Why not have one of our conusltants reveal you exactly how we are able to get light back into your home or yard and guarantee that you get a long-term result not just a quick fix. Tree Pruning to remove dead branches. Tree are growing changing organisms and when branches get replaced with more recent ones these and form as dead branches in the cover of the tree. Gradually the natural process is that the tree sheds these branches. If you make use of the space under the tree or the tree overhangs your home this can develop an unwanted hazard. Pruning the tree to remove these dead branches is the best possible way to improve the security to your property. We have the ability to remove almost all the dead branches from falling out of your tree as we are able to gain access to almost all of your tree to eliminate these. If the tree is good wellness getting rid of the dead branches requires to be done on an irregular basis of no more than every 3 to 5 years. So prior to you think you need to get rid of the tree due to the fact that dead branches are falling on you have one of our experts give you a quote to eliminate the dead branches.

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