Separately Managed Accounts - SMAs by Praemium

Separately Managed Accounts - SMAs by Praemium from Praemium - Sydney

By: Praemium - Sydney  15-Nov-2010
Keywords: Capital Gains Tax, Investment Planning, Portfolio Administration

Præmium is a pioneer and recognised industry leader in the development of Separately Managed Account (SMA) technology for Australia. Our proprietary state of the art technology for operating a SMA enables:

    * Online access for model providers, advisers and clients
    * Full online account set up and maintenance
    * Daily rebalancing of models
    * Netting of buy/sell transactions across models
    * In specie transfer of assets
    * Customisations including stock substitutions and holding locks
    * Capital gain scenario modelling and optimisation
    * Multiple options for fee payments
    * Badging

An SMA can be thought of as a more efficient alternative to a managed fund. You are still investing in shares and you are still accessing the fund manager's ability to select stocks. The key difference between an SMA and a managed fund is that the SMA is non-unitised.

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