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By: Power of Two Coaching  20-Oct-2010
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Having coaching with Amanda has been a major contributor to me getting some important work completed.  The coaching sessions provided me with the space and time to focus on what was important and what obstacles I was imposing on myself.  Even though the sessions were all done by telephone, Amanda's presence with me was palpable, and I felt fully supported, while being appropriately challenged.  The experience was like having a constructively-critical friend to help me achieve my goals. Not only did I achieve the immediate work that was on my plate, but I had some real insights into how I could maintain that type of approach on an ongoing basis, and that was the focus of the last two sessions.  Overall it was a very productive six sessions, achieved great outcomes, and was fun too!  Would I engage Amanda again for coaching? - a definite 'yes'. 
Michele Foster – General Manager, Public Sector

I had the pleasure of working with Amanda to implement a significant change (department closure). My role, as HR Consultant supporting the change was made significantly easy with the passion and drive that Amanda put into supporting impacted staff. Amanda developed and implemented additional outplacement opportunities, with engaging and motivating activities and personal development for staff to participate in during the change. This additional support was over and above what HR expected and made a significant difference to the staff morale during the change. It was fantastic to work with someone who was so focussed on people. Amanda worked closely with staff to get the best outcome, whether it be finding a job internally, externally, changing career or returning to uni. Amanda has a friendly nature and you can easily communicate with her. She listens well and helps to fine tune your thinking. Amanda has great ideas and is well resourced to coach people both professionally and personally and get their desired outcome. Amanda's style is a real winner, with Amanda's passion and dedication you'll be sure to reach great outcomes!
Jo Lewis – Human Resource Consultant, Financial Services

Working with Amanda has given me a huge amount of insight into the way I think and the way I deal with challenging situations. By helping me to see things from different perspectives and challenging my understanding of things which I had come to think were set in stone, I have been freed of some long-standing restrictions on my ability to be truly happy within myself. In addition to tackling some of these more ingrained thinking patterns, Amanda’s coaching style has been flexible enough to allow us to explore a few acute concerns. However, the strategies applied to these issues were presented in such a way that I am totally confident in transferring these skills into other domains for future use. Overall, I feel less stressed and more satisfied, not only in my career, but on a personal and relational level as well. I make absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amanda as a life coach, regardless of what aspects of your life you hope to improve.
Louise Heiniger - Research Assistant and PhD Candidate

My nine coaching sessions with Louise were truly invaluable.  Louise helped me to define some professional and personal goals and set logical and practical steps to reaching those goals.  However probably the biggest breakthrough was in realizing that I had believed a lie from my childhood that I was less than everyone around me and that belief had been unconsciously holding me back my whole life.  Once I decided to abandon that lie my life changed hugely and I became so much more confident which allowed me to power ahead in my career and personal life.  I highly recommend Louise as a coach and an inspiration as well! 
Robyn Redpath - Training and Development, Higher Education

I am very happy with the progress I have made in my career. It only took the first coaching session to identify the root causes of my dissatisfaction, and initiate a change with my frustrated work situation. Amanda’s style of coaching is very friendly, professional and most importantly for me it is honest. I felt comfortable during the sessions to speak my mind and voice my discontent in life . In being able to do this, I received feedback with insight into my own behaviour and I am now able to propel my career forward with my re-gained confidence.
Ruzbeh Irani – Project Manager, Financial Services 

Louise guided me to the point where I was able to discover my inner hidden barriers, eliminate them and has motivated me to focus on achieving my career goals.  I feel cleansed; I now have balance and am clear on my direction in life.  I'm ready for new challenges! Louise is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and is able to translate complex issues into simplistic forms.  Louise has changed my life in so many positive ways and I highly recommend her service in Life Coaching.  You will achieve the results you want through commitment and dedication with Louise.
Renee Maitre – Customer Relations, Travel Industry 

Special thanks to Louise & her very successful transformation programme “sell the sizzle not the sausage” which was 100% successful for me. To face a 45 minute interview for the first time in 10 years, be confident and secure the role was a fantastic outcome. Hats off to you - I really mean that. I am thankful beyond words…
Nanthinie Jeyalingam – Processing Officer, Financial Services

Amanda, I would like to send a huge thank you your way, I got the job!! and it was all due to attending your workshop and having one on one discussions with you! Thank you so much for assisting me with preparing my resume and cover letter; those one on one practice interviews were the icing on the cake, it was very insightful and prepared me for the interview, which gave me an extra confidence boost! Your service and dedication is above all else and without your assistance I am sure that I would not have succeeded in obtaining my dream role! I will definitely be recommending your services to all my friends! Invaluable!

Suzanne Huynh – Client Liaison Officer, Financial Services

A quick note to say thank you for caring, sharing and for your assertive help. Losing a job is very challenging but your continuous support certainly helped me in moving forward. I have just completed a fantastic twelve week holiday, arrived back and scored a great job. All this happened because you took the time to help in my preparation as well as provided me with a clear direction.

Wayne Maraku – Settlements Officer, Property Management

It’s with great pleasure that I give my testimony on the outstanding help and guidance received on making my career decision.  The end to end process was dealt with highly commendable professionalism which led me to a postive outcome in securing the perfect role for me.  I will definitely seek your services in future and highly recommend you to others.

Ligia Ramirez – Administration Officer, Financial Services

I’d like to say a “Big Thank You” for helping me prepare for my career move due to business transformation, as a result I have felt more confident and now have a full time job, all thanks to you.  I feel like I am where I want to be at this point in my life.

Krissie Naidu – Processing Officer, Financial Services

I want to thank Amanda for all her support and guidance in preparing me for my job hunt especially as I was so nervous even with the thought of going for an interview. Amanda patiently worked me and gave me confidence for which I cannot thank her enough and it is because of the efforts she put in that I secured my current role.

Muriel Cowley – Team Leader, Financial Services

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