Pest Inspections Protecting Your Home

By: Pest Inspection Sydney  14-Oct-2010
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 Very often any damage has gone unnoticed by the neighbours, but the work being done on your property brings it to their attention.

They then believe that the damage has been done by your builders. But a dilapidation survey will ensure that a photographic record is made of the state of adjoining buildings, garden furniture, kerbing, pavements and driveways before your work commences. Thus you will have proof of the state those buildings were in before your construction started. This kind of survey is often required by local councils, but builders are now starting to see the benefits and having it done for their own protection from litigation.

 Termite Inspections Sydney Termites also commonly known as White Ants, are a major problem in Australia and can have devastating effects on structures and their surroundings. In fact one in every three Australian households has active termites or a termite history. Annual termite damage is calculated to be 5 times that caused by fire, flood and storms combined.

Rat Inspections Sydney Correct identification of your rodents is an important part of implementing an effective eradication and control program for the removal of any type of Rats or Mice. With over 20 years experience we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results - No More Rats or Mice!

Bed Bug Inspections Sydney The bed bug hides in cracks and crevices during the day, preferring to rest on wood and paper surfaces instead of stone and plaster. It leaves these harborage areas at night to feed on its host, humans, birds and family pets. The blood meal requires three to ten minutes and usually goes unnoticed by the victim.  After feeding, the bite site may become inflamed and itch severely in sensitive people.  At Pest Free - Pest Inspection Sydney we use only the highest grade chemicals and all our technicians are fully trained in the latest methods of treatment.    

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