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By: Personal Eyes Optometry  06-Jun-2011
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It becomes difficult to focus on objects nearby by the time one approaches mid-forties because of Presbyopia. Reading glasses are available to solve this problem. If you wear contact lenses to rectify Hyperopia or image distortion and also suffer from Presbyopia, reading glasses used to be the only option available to fight this problem. It is extremely difficult to carry an extra pair of spectacle frames for reading. Nowadays multifocal contact lenses are available to make your life easy.

Multifocal lenses offer the best of both worlds i.e. no glasses, along with good near and distance vision. These days, multifocal lenses have become very popular for correction of near and far distance vision problems. Multifocal lenses come with a unique dual prescription integration that helps in achieving clarity at varying distances. If you belong to this population who require multifocal lenses, then it would help to know the type of multifocal lenses that are available on the market.

A variety of multifocal lenses are available on the market. The Bifocal design are multifocal lenses designed with two lens power, i.e. one for distant vision and the other for near vision. Another type of multifocal lenses available is progressive lenses. These multifocal lenses come with gradual change in lens power ensuring natural visual transition from distance to close up view. Everyday disposable multifocal lenses are also available for the ultimate convenience of the eyes. These lenses can be discarded everyday and hence do not require any care.

Eyewear is not restricted to eye rectification only. In the past, only people with eye problems used to wear spectacles, but now the situation has changed. There has been a lot of development in fashion eyewear and designer eyeglasses. Fashion eyewear has become the vogue among teenagers and is also popular among the middle-aged people. Clothes are not the only things that speak about your style statement.

Designer eyeglasses also play an important role in describing your personality, attitude, lifestyle, etc. A variety of fashion eyewear is available to enhance your personality. Owning an expensive pair of designer eyeglasses has become the craze these days.

Fashion eyewear has become one of the most desirable accessories for all stylish people across the globe. These days, eyewear is being used in conjunction with other fashion articles like shoes, rings, and so on. Designer Eyeglasses have become essential to expand personal tastes and the grace of a person. Some of the famous brands of designer eyeglasses are Ray Ban, Dior, Esprit, Gucci, Armani, etc. All these brands specialise in fashion eyewear and they produce the best articles in conjunction with the very latest fashion trends.

Multifocal lenses can be combined with designer eyeglasses to look trendy. Approaching your mid forties does not mean you cannot be fashionable anymore. It is a dream for everyone to own an expensive pair of designer eyeglass. Now that you have an eyesight problem, you can fulfil your dream very easily by merging your multifocal lenses and designer eyeglasses to look young and stylish.

We at have all solutions to rectify your eye problems with a wide range of multifocal lenses. We will also make all efforts to make your look young and trendy with our extensive range of fashion eyewear and designer eyeglasses. You can also visit us at - Personal Eyes Optometry, Dymocks Building, Suite 9, Level 5, 428 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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