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Packing and Unpacking from Packers Unpackers

By: Packers Unpackers  08-Sep-2011
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OUR EXPERIENCE We have experience packing an artwork valued over $400,000 We have experience packing one communication equipment worth millions We have experience packing an antique with no known value yet We have experience packing homes of eight rooms We have experience packing schools and offices PACKING Our teams are professionally trained packaging specialists, whereby removalists are people who move your items between old and new addresses. Our professionally-trained staff of The Packers Unpackers can pack up your home and personal possessions in just a matter of hours or days without you having to bear the time consuming repetitive tasks. Alternatively, if you're packing yourself, our expert can help to pack your fragile and precious items. We use quality bubble wrap and strong tapes to protect your items for your movers to move them around. What do we usually pack: * Kitchen crockery, utensils and cutlery * Food items from your fridge, pantry and cupboards * Clothing * Bedding * Linen and towels * Children's' toys * Books, CD's & DVDs * Desks and office items * Paintings and antique * Bathroom and Laundry contents Our packers are experienced, professional and efficient. They’re trained to handle fragile, awkward shaped and valuable items. UNPACKING We arrive at your home after your removalists have unloaded. We transform cartons into fully functional homes: * Kitchen setup * Cartons unpacked and dumped or contents placed into cupboards * Food supplies placed into the pantry and refrigerator * Bedrooms set up with beds freshly made * Clothing folded into drawers and hung in wardrobes * Linen and towels sorted and colour coordinated * Books and DVDs neatly arranged onto bookshelves * kids’ room * Laundry and bathroom organized We make it looked like you’ve live there for months even though you have only just moved in for hours

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