Core Series - Solving the Gambling Puzzle

Core Series - Solving the Gambling Puzzle from No More Gambling

By: No More Gambling  01-Jan-2013
Keywords: Gambling Help, Problem Gambling, Gambling Counselling

A series if 11 videos (total = 4 hours 9 mins) that guide the viewer through a specific piece of the gambling puzzle that needs to be mastered. The Core Series provides the foundation of the No More Gambling Self-Help Program. The individual videos range in length from 13 minutes up to 35 minutes. Contents: 1. Solving the Gambling Puzzle (16:36) – an overview of the 5 puzzle pieces that need to be put together to treat problem gambling 2. Do This Right Now (16:15) – Steps to immediately take to minimise the damage caused by gambling 3. Why Do I Gamble (24:06) – Developing an understanding of what drives you to gamble and how to build your awareness so you can manage it 4. My Reasons for Gambling (20:39) – An activity to pin point the exact reasons 5. Filling the Gap (20:14) – How to plan your spare time now that you are no longer gambling 6. My Gambling Behaviour (13:05) – Building an awareness of all the things that you do when you gamble 7. Money Management Part 1 (18:58) – How to manage the cash that you are able to save now you are not gambling 8. Mood Management Part 1 (30:06) – How to manage your mood so you don’t need to gamble anymore 9. Beliefs and Thoughts (35:05) – Building an awareness of how your beliefs and thoughts can help your recovery 10. Mood Management Part 2 (34:14) – Building skills to manage your moods 11. Re-Building Trust (17:49) – How to repair the damage you have done in your relationships as a result of your gambling

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