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By: Neil Ross - Public Speaking Expert  27-Oct-2011
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Participant Quotes & Endorsements “The Art & Alchemy is an excellent overview of rhetorical technique delivered in a highly engaging manner by someone who really knows their stuff. This is learning with real-world application and should not be missed by anyone whose job involves public speaking. Outstanding!” Professor Christopher Wright – University of Sydney Business School “Thanks so much to you - I got a lot out of the day. What I really liked was the framework for application that has so many uses. It was really valuable.” Lisa Ronson – General Manager, Brand and Advertising – Westpac Banking Corp “I came away from the workshop incredibly motivated - and excited – now to put my new skills to use!” Katherine Raskob – Group Marketing Manager – SBS “The best course I have ever done in my 30 year career.” Jeff Estok – Partner – Navigare “What a great day. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and got a huge amount out of it.” Lucia Elliott – Marketing Director – The Newspaper Works “Recently, I had to write and deliver a significant presentation to an 800 person audience. Neil’s course provided fantastic background and tools to make my speech more impactful and memorable. I highly recommend the course to assist in improving structure, storytelling and impact.” Margaret Zabel – Sustainability Director - Lion Nathan Australia “An outstanding day with content, examples and exercises of real, practical value.” Tony Davis – Partner – QUANTIUM “What a great day! This course exposed me to writing/speaking techniques that I had never seen (over a 30+ year career). Once discovered, they changed the way I listen to speeches, and more importantly, the way I write and deliver them.” Joe Talcott – Group Marketing Director News Ltd. "I speak frequently in public and have attended a number of public speaking courses in the past. The Art & Alchemy was very different. Whilst it touched on presentation, it's emphasis and real value to me was in how the techniques of past masters can be used to craft a speech that will motivate and influence the listener. It has certainly improved my speech writing and I happily recommend the course to others." Stuart Black FCA – Partner Chapman & Eastway “It is one thing in making a speech or presenting to an audience; it is another to do it with passion and engage your audience! Neil Ross shares passion and engages you in The Art & Alchemy of Speaking Inspirationally. Whatever your skill level you will not be disappointed.” Garry Browne – CEO/Managing Director Stuart Alexander “This course fills a significant gap in the learning and development space for business leaders seeking to inspire and lead. The subject matter and content is structured in such an effective way that you cannot help become immersed in the learning. I would have no hesitation in commending Neil and his program.” Nick Adams -Director of CRM and Digital Marketing – Telstra ‘Without reservation I'd recommend this workshop to any executive who wanted to power up their ability to inspire, motivate or persuade others.” Sean Clancy – Non Executive Chairman CSM “This is an insightful and practical workshop that unlocks the know-how of preparing and delivering inspirational speeches. I recommend it highly to any senior leader wanting to step up their ability to persuade, influence and motivate an audience.” Tony Crawford – CEO DLA -Phillips Fox “It is not often I rave on about a full day workshop with such passion. I loved the subject matter and all the content that was covered. My greatest fear is public speaking, but after completing the work shop I look forward to applying the new techniques I have learnt to improve my level of confidence.” Jenny Gerada – Get Connected Team Leader – Tourism NSW “This is not a Presentation Skills Course, but an intellectually stimulating workshop that has inspired me to actually write those important staff presentations with a focus on the language used. Once you have those skills this workshop allows the magic of a deeper connection with the audience to happen.” Allana Burns - People & Culture Manager Stuart Alexander & Co Pty Ltd “Neil introduced a number of very worthwhile public speaking techniques in a fun and engaging way. I am very excited about trying out some of these techniques, and will certainly be putting greater emphasis on my delivery style when presenting in future”. Jo Breuer - Director, Lending Services – ING Direct “I can strongly recommend the 'Art & Alchemy of Speaking Inspirationally’ program. There were no low spots, there were no slow spots. Every moment was valuable.” Murray Hamilton – CEO Alinia “To be stripped bare in the realisation that I had mostly done very little proper planning and had winged it too often; that I knew little about the true art and techniques of rhetoric. How do I feel you ask??? Humbled, but armed and dangerous and thirsty to put the theory to practice. It was great” Steve Parker - Former Global Head Research, Sales & Marketing, Aristocrat. “An inspiring workshop, to create inspiring speeches! Neil clearly has real passion and deep expertise in this area and he shares this in a very practical and stimulating way through the workshop. I am a capable presenter, but this course has opened my mind and given me concrete tools to raise the bar for my speeches.” Paul Hugh-Jones - Director - Insight Edge Neil's Art & Alchemy course is, in itself, a masterpiece. After a lifetime of professionally giving talks, speeches, leading workshops... I now know just how much better they could have been. And will be in the future. My advice to those who read this? Do the course. Learn the secrets. Be inspired." Cam Carter - CEO - Navigare Neil’s workshop is a real eye-opener! He demonstrated that great communication just doesn’t happen; it is thoughtfully moulded & crafted. This is a must do course for anybody who is serious about what they say & how they say it! Terry Dickens - Director - Certainty Financial “An absolute must for any aspiring CEO, General Manager or senior executive. The course identifies how the art of speech can literally launch, make or break a person’s career. This one day course may just transform your career and your life”. Graham Perry - CEO - GoAbout Australia “In my corporate life I have been on many courses related to presentation, communication and persuasion techniques and it surprises me that none have been able to identify the building blocks as you have done.” Mal Matthews - Executive Director - Aluminium Can Group Inc. “As a long-term fan of the Great Speeches I wondered what it would be like to analyse and deconstruct them. To then be able to at least take the first steps in using some of these techniques was a great privilege.” Peter Tankard - CEO - Sylex Ergonomics ‘The Art and Alchemy of Inspiring Speech Workshop has made me much more aware of what I need to do to communicate more clearly, persuade more directly, and argue more strongly in any public speaking forum that I am in, whether that be making a speech or just talking to my team. Look out world!’ Taine Moufarrige - Executive Director - Servcorp “The workshop was one of the most valuable I have attended. I left the day feeling confident that I had an effective tool kit and framework to enable me to significantly improve outcomes at future speaking events, and also, day-to-day communications.” Damian DeGuera – Former General Manager Risk - QANTAS “Every now and then you come across a program that is a real gem! The Art and Alchemy of Speaking Inspirationally is one of them. With inspiring speeches to listen to and the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques of great orators this program is truly unique. It’s fun, practical and participative and I would recommend it to all senior executives who want to leave a lasting impression on their audience.” Susan Henry - Director Human Resources - Starlight Foundation “Neil's knowledgeable, humorous and professional delivery of the course content, combined with use of real life case studies from some of the great orators of our time (and some of the not so great orators who still deliver great speeches), provide an enjoyable and insightful view into the dark arts of good speech making. I would highly recommend the course. " Andrew Limmer - Managing Director - Fixed Income - J.P. Morgan “The workshop was a wonderful professional learning day for me. I have had all the usual presentation skills training over my career, but this was different. It focused on the quality of the words and the message within the context of audience. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys an audience, has the professional need to be fabulous in front of an audience, or simply has a love of good oratory and language.” Susan Searle - President and Publisher - ARN IDG Channel Division "What a great & inspiring course. I just wish I'd done this course years ago, as it would have made such a difference to what I said, & how I said it in so many different settings, on so many occasions. It's not just about speeches, but about communicating & I certainly intend to apply the skills in my sales activities & other forms of communications." Brian Thorburn - CEO - PGA Australia “In the week following my attendance at the Art & Alchemy of Speaking Inspirationally, I had several major public speaking engagements. I actively utilised the tools and skills from the program in the development of my speeches with great success. I had greater confidence in myself, greater confidence in my speeches and greater confidence that my audience would relate to my objectives. The positive feedback that I received is a testimonial to the success of Neil’s program and I commend it to all.” Sean Cortis CA - Partner Chapman Eastway

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