One-Day Master Class 0n Public Speaking Skills - "The Art & Alchemy of Speaking Inspirationally"

One-Day Master Class 0n Public Speaking Skills - "The Art & Alchemy of Speaking Inspirationally" from Neil Ross - Public Speaking Expert

By: Neil Ross - Public Speaking Expert  27-Oct-2011
Keywords: Corporate Events, Consulting, Management Training

For Executives With The Ambition And Drive To: ➢ Improve Their Public Speaking Skills ➢ Enhance Their Powers of Persuasion ➢ Increase Their Ability to Motivate and Inspire Our uniquely designed, one-day executive workshop is exactly right for you. Neil Ross’s Art & Alchemy of Speaking Inspirationally is an out-of-the ordinary experience, inspiring participants to practice and master the touchstone of leadership that is the art of rhetoric. This blue-chip education program will empower you to perfect a personal address, and turn an important communication into an electrifying performance. Don’t waste your next speaking opportunity – showcase your talent and be recognised as a leader through what you say, and how you say it. In our one-day, highly interactive executive workshop, you will learn the skills used so effectively by history’s master communicators. The very same skills you too can employ to speak with greater persuasion, motivation and inspiration: no matter the audience, no matter the occasion. 5 Major Benefits For You: 1. Make a real impact when you talk and achieve great personal satisfaction 2. Increase your ability to persuade, motivate and inspire an audience 3. Win people over to your point-of-view 4. Improve both your real and perceived leadership 5. Woo existing and potential customers more engagingly and win more business Trialled, Measured and Evaluated as ‘Outstanding’ by the University of Sydney. The Art & Alchemy of Speaking Inspirationally is not a Toastmasters program. It is not a lesson about presentation skills. It is, however, a master class in public speaking, so powerful yet so practical, that it has been incorporated by The University of Sydney into its prestigious Global Executive MBA program. Like hundreds of executives who have experienced the workshops, they too rate it ahead of anything else in the field. In the words of Professor Christopher Wright, the experience is “outstanding!” Why? Because of our Unique Design! This is how it works on the day. Videos of great speeches from history, Hollywood and real-life are viewed and discussed. Then, the actual words and rhetorical techniques employed are examined line-by-line and literally decoded to reveal their secrets. Additionally, the leadership and audience engagement strategies used to woo the listeners are examined and their application explained. It’s a highly entertaining and informative way to learn. Performance techniques essential to engaging the audience and amplifying the message are then learned and practiced. You will also learn how to plan and write the words that will allow you to make a real impact: to be heard and not just listened to. There is no other learning experience like it. A fact you’ll see endorsed throughout our client testimonials. Applicable Everywhere from Major Speeches to Team Talks and Presentations What is learned is applicable not only to major speeches but also to team talks and business presentations, as well. The ‘Art & Alchemy’ has proven that, given the correct tools and right direction, you can improve your ability to make a powerful impression upon any audience. You will learn the techniques that engage and inspire audiences, and be guided through the building blocks for developing and delivering a powerful, persuasive address. We offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee If you are seeking to make a real difference, but first need to be heard, enrol in one of our Executive Workshops now. If, at the end of the day, you are not satisfied that what you’ve learned will greatly improve your ability to persuade, motivate and inspire others - through the power of your spoken word - then we will refund your money, and offer our sincere apology, too.

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