Reviews of MedEntry

By: MedEntry  21-Jun-2011
Keywords: Umat Preparation, Umat Help, Umat Exam

  • Samples of comments from students:
  • “The workshop provided me with a clearer insight into what UMAT was all about. The activities were engaging, allowing students to converse with each other. The lecturer was bubbling with humour and involved us, which was good to see.”
  • “I thought it provided a comprehensive and extensive overview that will allow for one to reach their maximum performance peak in the actual UMAT.”
  • “Taught theories/principles, then put them into practice.”
  • “Each section of the UMAT was addressed separately, with sample questions and solutions.”
  • “Workshop was a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience.”
  • “Effectively covers everything and then a trial exam is conducted.”
  • “The best part was the tips that were given and introduction of the operation of UMAT.”

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