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By: McArdle Migration Agent Sydney  11-Nov-2013
Keywords: Working Visas in Australia

457 visa program provides temporary working visas to skilled recruits that are supported by business owners from Australia and overseas. The full title for this sub class is Temporary Business subclass 457 Standard Business Sponsorship. With this visa one can obtain work for one day up to four years. Using it you may even be able to bring into the county their own entitled family loved ones inclusive of same sex partners. Through it, these members have unrestricted path to work and work inside Australia. Additionally it allows for unlimited travelling back and forth of the country hence people who possess these visas can come and go as much as they would like. For employers to be entitled they have to be approved by the Australian government. In case the holder decides to migrate to another sponsor they will have to obtain a new visa plus a new sponsorship. Employee requirements are English skills, minimum level of qualifications and health as well as character requisites. A specific role may be filled by an employee via a nomination by the employer. However for the visa to get permitted the Department of Immigration and Citizenship must first make certain the criteria has been met. Holders are also given the ability to convert their status to permanent residency. This type of residency is offered if the holders have a view of permanently settling as nationals of the nation of Australia. The volume of holders given permanent residency in this country has increased within the recent past. Having said that, this has not been without a few hiccups namely those concerns created by the Australian parliament related to some agents from abroad marketing false permanent residency. A handful of the restrictions that accompany these visas involve limiting the holders to the occupation nominated and the other is holders must not be without a job for longer than twenty eight days. Some of the perks of having these visas are the eligibility to ask for a mortgage loan inside the country and there are no travel restrictions on how repeatedly holders might travel outside Australia. The financial institutions allow holders to get loans as most of them are there for long term employment and possibilities of becoming residents are big. More good news to holders is that the country's government has analysed the visas prior to making provisions that aim at accelerating permanent residency progress beginning July 1st 2012. The provision states that non resident people that have the 457 visa as from the given date may now be able to acquire permanent residency in the event that they have worked 2 years with the sponsor / employer. Any company looking on hiring new staff also plays a part by providing the holder with a full time work. Their high responsiveness to labour market needs has made the federal government to acknowledge that these visas deserve priority of examination. www.McArdleLegal.com.au/migration lawyers deal with employment, migration and mediation matters

Keywords: Working Visas in Australia

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