Going Green With LED Lighting

Going Green With LED Lighting from LiquidLeds Lighting Pty Limited

By: LiquidLeds Lighting Pty Limited  02-Feb-2011
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LED lighting is on the fast track to being the standard lighting utilised in homes and business. Nowadays, with the turn towards living greener and no longer leaving a human footprint on the world, LED lighting is becoming the norm.

Fragile filament light bulbs and compact fluorescent light not only burn out sooner, but they are also not good for the environment. LEDs on the other hand, use the power from moving electrons in order to create light. These are developed so that the photons that are created are released outwardly. The light is then focused and emitted that produces a very powerful light.

Liquidleds LED bulbs use only a fraction of the amount of electricity that is needed to power traditional filament bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFL). This provides for a longer usage with LEDs than with filament bulbs and compact fluorescent lights, as well. Traditional filament bulbs last on average only for about 1,000 hours and compact fluorescent light about 5,000 hours. An LED light bulb can last 30,000 hours or more. This makes for a huge advantage not only is monetary savings, but also in helping the planet.

LED lighting is much the same as outdoor natural lighting. This is an added bonus to the monetary and planetary savings already accrued by this type of lighting. Studies have shown this type of lighting to be helpful in cases of seasonal depression, or SAD, which is known to spike for individuals living in colder regions of the world because of the lack of natural sunlight during this time. This type of lighting also increases one's alertness levels throughout the winter months and beyond.

For those who are interested in going green and helping to conserve energy, LED lighting is definitely the way to go. These lights are both cost effective and they use much less energy. Also, these stay much cooler than traditional bulbs that must heat up in order to produce light. Since the energy put forth to use an LED is simply for emitting light, it cuts down considerably on one's energy footprint

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