October 16th 2013 - Lanyard Safety In A C

By: Lanyard Solutions  26-May-2016
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Lanyards are most often found at concerts, at work, in schools and even given out as corporate gifts. But could a lanyard end up saving your life? What is commonly a fashion accessory or security protocol has now become a quick and easy way to help organize and reduce hazards when the unimaginable happens. Swipe your badge and gain access to your building, but don't forget it once the fire alarms go off. In a crisis situation, response time is limited and innocent people's lives can be in danger with just seconds to determine the difference between a safe escape or a fatal mishap. With the use of lanyards, crowds of people can be identified and accounted for in situations where panic and confusion often take over. Even more helpful are colour coded lanyards that determine the exit routes and meeting places to more easily account for missing members of a team. If your lanyard is blue, you take the blue stairs. If your lanyard is green, you take the green stairs. It can help prevent overcrowding in the stairwell as well and encourage groups of people to stay together and notice when someone in that group has not shown up. Colour coding lanyards can also lead the masses to others who are First Aid and CPR trained and familiar with exit and escape routes. It will reduce the time it takes to get as many people as possible to safety and to more effectively treat injured people or find out who is missing and in worse case scenarios identify those who did not make it out in time. Keeping photo IDs and even a list of allergies and illnesses on the lanyards can also help when the fire department or paramedics arrive. It is the best way to ensure someone who may have gotten lost or is unconscious is treated correctly and that their family and friends are notified. It can lead trained medical staff to those in need and provide more immediate help while waiting for police or medical teams. Lanyards provide organization, safety and more security to those situations where time and the right kind of help is essential. Making use of the categories and training staff to be skilled in life saving techniques will make the chances of injury and even death greatly less. When natural disasters or random attacks happen it is a practical way to prepare people. First Aid kits and identification vests for those who are able to help are among the top noticeable items in crisis. Lanyards can extend that to all people who are in need of treatment and safe passages to meeting areas. It is a little addition that can make a big difference when time is of the essence.

Keywords: Conference Lanyards, Promotional Products,