The Inner Voyage

The Inner Voyage from Integral Health Services

By: Integral Health Services  01-Dec-2010
Keywords: Personal Development, Life Coaching, Trauma

The Inner Voyage

 A guided energy matrix voyage with steps to manifestation

This interactive guided visual journey and procedures gives you the tools to clear the blocks that have held you back and move you powerfully towards the greater health and success that you deserve.   Lyn gives you the step by step practical strategies that consolidate over 18 years of research and clinical trials into the most advanced energy balancing, repatterning, and neurological linguistic methods vital for profound accelerated change.  This interactive process will help you align the immense resources of your innate intelligence, energy matrix and your unconscious mind with your conscious desires so that you will naturally flow toward actualizing your true potential and create the life of your dreams.  Lyn’s teachings have been purposely designed into an effective and simple format that is easy and enjoyable to implement.  You will be guided through the step by step process that will empower you to create measurable, long-lasting results that will positively change your experience of life.

 The guided journey through your subtle energy matrix combines specific music with particular octaves and colour designed to clear away the blocks and restrictions to the flow of your body’s 14 major meridians.  This journey will revitalize your body, promote relaxation, release stress, and enhance your overall health and well being.

 The meridians are the conduits of the subtle energy referred to as chi which flows to the muscles, organs, glands and systems of the body.   Every part and process of the body relies on this energy matrix at all times.  If all is well, energy flows freely from one meridian to another, distributing chi evenly throughout the meridian system.  This subtle energy matrix, referred to as the meridian system was mapped by Chinese medicine practitioners more than 2,000 years ago. 

 This guided journey offers you a way to release your fears, worries, negative emotions, destructive behaviours and beliefs, phobias, anxiety, depression, stress, tension and pain from all areas of your life AND develop new qualities and experience to replace the old beliefs, attitudes and experiences with the aid of a powerful fusion of healing techniques and transformative methods.

 What methods are involved?

1.       Guided visualisation

2.       Colour therapy

3.       Sound therapy

4.       Energy balancing

5.       Affirmations

6.       Goal setting strategies

 In 6 steps you can expect to:

Clear blocks and create inner harmony

Eliminate overwhelm, fear, anxiety and self doubt

Relieve fatigue and insomnia

Create greater health and wellbeing

Release pain and tension

Rapidly and easily define and realize your goals

Improve self image and self esteem

Clear the beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back

Understand and re-organise your approach to life

Enhance conscious awareness and personal and professional development

 That’s six easy steps to your greater success.

 For bulk orders  please call Lyn Treloar on 02 99 55 9474 or email [email protected]

Keywords: Fears, Life Coaching, Personal Development, Phobias, Trauma

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