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By: Ink and Toner World  06-Sep-2012
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Original & Compatible Cartridges Regardless of the large number of compatible ink cartridge options available and the big difference in prices between originals and third party makes, there is very little information on choosing between the two. There are reasons for making your choice. The following points should help you decide. Independent tests show that black compatible inks consistently give similar results against original manufactured cartridges. If you are looking to print high quality photos, you may need a genuine cartridge with matching paper. The big brands perform thorough tests to ensure their own inks and papers get the best possible results together. However, an independent review site ran wide tests comparing compatible ink prints against originals. The compatible prints were preferred by their viewers. Results were cross-referenced on various original and 3rd party papers on a number of different printers. If you are printing high volumes monthly with a laser printer for standard word documents you will find the print quality of compatible cartridges wont differ compared to originals and will save you money in the long run. If results matter most, trial your cartridges until you get your best results. If experimenting is not an option; good results can be found by using original inks plus matched paper. Otherwise, top brand compatibles are out there that perform lab tests on their own ink and paper to give the consumer the best results.

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