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By: Hypnotherapy Sydney Tim Thornton  07-Nov-2014
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With my stop smoking hypnotherapy program i achieve consistent successful results for my clients. All you need is commitment to achieving your goal. You won't experience any withdraw symptoms as your subconscious mind will not want to smoke any more. Hypnotherapy works so well for quitting smoking because its goal orientated. The belief that you need a cigarette will change and you won't feel and urge anymore. You won't experience any cravings or weight gain. Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is an natural and effective alternative to other quit programs. After the hypnosis sessions you will feel more relaxed and more confident in any situation. Hypnotherapy has a high success rate for smokers. Based on the power of suggestion at a subconscious level via deep relaxation, hypnosis is safe method of treatment that has no negative consequences. In most cases the effect of hypnosis is pleasant, relaxing and effortless for the client. Purely by the power of suggestion a habit such as smoking can mostly be dealt with in one session – no medication, no withdrawals and no side effects. With my service i give a 90 day fee guarantee. If you do go back to smoking for any reason within 90 days you can see me for no extra cost. To make the stop smoking hypnotherapy work for you, you need commitment. It must be YOUR goal. It won't work if you are giving up for someone else. It’s fine if a couple decide to stop smoking together. That will work well as long as they are honest with their joint goal. If you can say “I choose to stop smoking” without doubt you will achieve your goal. Try saying it out loud and see how you feel. If you are ready to quit, call Tim now for a free phone consultation.

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