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GRS Investigations is a private investigative firm in Sydney that provides professional investigative services by C.A.P.I licenced Private and Commercial Agents. GRS Investigations is a private investigative firm in Sydney that provides professional investigative services by C.A.P.I licenced Private and Commercial Agents and Investigators Australia wide. With the prevalence of cheap and effective surveillance equipment readily available from any spy shop or over the internet, don’t risk not doing anything when you think your phone is being tapped. We specialise in anti-bugging and have detected many cases of our client’s phone and premises being tapped. Whether undertaking surveillance for insurance purposes and infidelity, locating missing persons and debtors, investigating incidences of identity theft and harassment, or performing bug sweeps, counter-surveillance and information protection, the team at GRS Investigations can bring their broad range of experience to keep a private eye on what is bothering you.Your information is valuable. Scammers, stalkers, business competitors and identity thieves all seek to uncover information about you or your business to use for their purposes.One would never suspect the tactics used by fraudsters and criminals who can get your phone tapped or hack into your system to steal information about you. To protect yourself, your business and your family from online threats and people who would violate your privacy by getting your phone tapped. GRS offers the following services:For all investigation matters, our office organises a consultation so that the matter can be discussed in person. Normally this would be done in our office, which is regularly scanned for listening devices, but if requested we can organise the consultation at a mutually convenient address. Our agent obtains an overview of the matter and then gives you a recommendation on what they feel the best course of action would be. Our agent will then give you an overview of what may happen during the course of the investigation, and what to expect in the way of results. Once an agreement has been made with what will be occurring during the investigation and the agency agreement and confidentiality forms have been signed, our agent will obtain a reference number for your case. To open a case file with, we charge an administration fee of $80. This fee covers the provision of written reports, burnt DVD’s, photographs and any other information acquired during the course of our investigations. All Agents are available for 24 hour service Surveillance Investigations

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