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By: Gillis Delaney Lawyers  09-Dec-2011
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Gillis Delaney and MBA have formed a strategic alliance to deliver legal services to the construction industry in Newcastle. Our services are provided from the MBA Newcastle office.

The MBA/Gillis Delaney alliance has a number of key services which will be beneficial for Newcastle members. The key services include

  • a free telephone advisory service 2 days a week
  • lawyers accessable in MBA Newcastle offices
  • appointments with lawyers at MBA Newcastle offices
  • tailored legal products to suit members needs
  • specialist construction lawyers at special rates for members
  • costings for service before work is undertaken
  • regular briefing sessions on important legal issues

The alliance delivers to MBA members free telephone legal advisory services on Tuesday and Thursdays each week as well as a full range of legal services for MBA members at all times. Gillis Delaney and MBA have had a long standing relationship. Gillis Delaney has provided help and assistance to MBA and its members for more than 10 years.

We offer a full range of legal services to cater for the needs of the construction industry in Newcastle and Sydney.

Does your heart race when financial issues arise?

Are your assets safe?

Will your insurance and business practices protect you?

Why not talk to the Financial Independence Team?

MBA and GD have formed a strategic alliance to provide services to MBA members and their families to assist members to ensure the time invested in a business delivers long term wealth. Asset protection strategies and a proper understanding of risk allocation will maximize the rewards for hard work and quality service.

MBA FIT is a program that will help you structure your business to maximize profits whilst protecting your assets. The program delivers the opportunity to implement strategies that will preserve the value of your business.

Your initial cardio check-up is conducted at MBA offices and will examine your current business structure, and we will suggest asset protection and wealth creation strategies and highlight risk allocation options utilising insurance products and business practices. The initial check-up costs nothing but your time and if you choose to implement the changes recommended your financial fitness program is tailored to suit your specific needs and costs and for any restructure are identified.

Don’t delay, take the opportunity to receive a free cardio check-up to examine your financial fitness. Contact David Newey on (02) 9394 1111 or Marcus McCarthy on (02) 4920 6611 to organise your visit to MBA and take the first step towards a future where you can be confident that your hard work pays off.

Further information on the financial fitness programs can be requested by MBA members. Find out more about our Pump, Spin and Step classes designed to improve your financial health. Don’t take a chance, use your free check-up to get on the road to financial fitness.

MBA and GD have joined forces to deliver easy access to services to members when an accident occurs. The Accident Response Team has lawyers, industrial advocates and OH&S experts available for urgent telephone advice and attendance at accident sites at the time of a crisis. Protect your rights and minimize losses. Major incidents at work sites result in insurance losses, injuries to workers, WorkCover investigations, industrial disputes and the possible need for a safety audit. MBA ART provides members with easy access to services as soon as an accident occurs. MBA ART offers a service to members where one of our team can attend to an incident immediately on notification to assist a member with their needs. In major accidents immediate attendance onsite is co-ordinated.

MBA ART will allow members to:

  • Protect accident investigations through legal professional privilege
  • Receive advice on obligations to notify the incidents
  • Assist employees who will be interviewed by WorkCover
  • Obtain assistance with the actual investigation of the accident
  • Provide assistance to employees during WorkCover interviews
  • Gain immediate assistance to address issues raised in improvement notices and prohibition notices and challenge those notices where necessary, having regard to the extremely limited time available to challenge those notices
  • Negotiate with unions following a work accident
  • Obtain advice concerning the collection of evidence for the submission of insurance claims (property damage, contractor's risk and employer liability). Maximise claims and potential recoveries
  • Prepare for the defence of a prosecution under the OH&S Act before the lapse of time allows memories to fade.

The ART team will attend the accident site, investigations, speak to management and employees where appropriate, conduct discussions with unions where necessary and liaise with WorkCover where appropriate. In addition ART will assist in the lodgement of insurance claims and the like. The service costs for ART is determined by the nature and amount of assistance needed and are discussed in advance. Initial contacts incur no cost. Contact David Newey on (02) 9394 1111 or Marcus McCarthy on (02) 4920 6611. We help clients solve problems that arise in the course of their businesses.

Whether you are buying or selling property or negotiating options to purchase land our property solution services will satisfy your needs at a price that is right for you. We can assist members and their families in all areas of property acquisition and conveyancing, including strata title development, subdivisions, dual occupancies and off the plan sales and purchases. We can also assist you with commercial leasing needs. For more information on our services and pricing structures you should contact Michael Gillis on (02) 9394 1188. In addition if you require finance for property acquisitions or construction projects Michael can assist with introductions to financiers and lenders.

We are specialists in the insurance industry and David Newey is a Law Society Accredited Personal Injury Specialist and is available to assist members and their families. You can contact David Newey on (02) 9394 1111 for information about our service.

Planning for the future is important. Ensuring that your family's financial affairs are in order to eliminate problems at difficult times is essential.

Do you have a Will? Does your Will ensure that your beneficiaries will benefit from the tax concessions for distributions to child beneficiaries, essentially the adult tax free threshold for the first $6,000.00 of income earnt on your estate assets and distributed to your children can be tax free.

Will you be able to manage the care requirements of your parents when illness and infirmity strikes? You need to consider guardianship issues and perhaps consider arranging a power of attorney.

We can help you with your needs. We can help you plan for the future. Planning for the future takes a small investment of time to ensure financial benefits for your loved ones. Contact any of the GD team for more information on this service.

MBA has always aimed to deliver easy access to competent professionals to assist members with their business needs. GD is MBA Newcastle's alliance partner and will support MBA with the delivery of business services to members. MBA with the help of GD professionals will continue to assist members with:

Contractual advice

  • assistance for both residential and commercial building and construction including contract review and drafting
  • advice and assistance in contractual disputes and dispute resolution procedures
  • sale of standard contracts and supporting documents
  • assistance with obtaining technical advice
  • assistance in completing documents

Negotiation and resolution of disputes

  • help with mediation, expert determination, arbitration
  • advice on the choice of expert witnesses and access to expert witnesses
  • representation in negotiation and dispute proceedings (including Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal)
  • help with claims and variations

Business structures and management

  • specialising in the needs of small to medium businesses
  • access to specialist legal, accountancy and taxation advice
  • company incorporation and company affairs
  • associations
  • partnerships
  • sole traders
  • joint ventures

Commercial and business matters

  • Claims to the Department of Fair Trading and Consumer Trading & Tenancy Tribunal
  • NSW Building licensing and "Building Services Corporation Insurance" matters
  • franchising issues
  • distribution agreements
  • agency agreements
  • leases
  • mortgages
  • loan documents
  • finance negotiation
  • Debt recovery
  • Security of Payments
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation
  • Consumer affairs
  • Home Warranty Insurance
  • General insurance problems
  • Intellectual property (copyright, trade marks)
  • Environmental and planning issues
  • Representation in Courts and Tribunals
  • WorkCover Prosecutions
  • Credit control management

Occupational Health & Safety

  • development of OHS plans
  • policies and procedure
  • s
  • OHS inspections
  • assistance in accident investigations
  • representation in OHS prosecutions

Employment related matters

  • employment law
  • human resources
  • advice on awards
  • enterprise agreements
  • advocacy before industrial tribunals and courts
  • assistance with industrial negotiations and resolution of industrial disputes.
The information in this article was current at 09 Nov 2011

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