Worms. Worm Cast. Compost Bins.

Worms. Worm Cast. Compost Bins. from Earthlink Earthworms

By: Earthlink Earthworms  02-Dec-2010
Keywords: Organic Fertiliser, Organic Fertilizer, Compost Worms

Free Delivery to anywhere in Greater Sydney Arias.

An average and only current Prices:

5000 worms - $89.00
2600 worms - $53.00
2000 worms - $35.00
1200 worms - $26.00
Worm Cast  - $1.00 per litre in bags of 15 litres.

Our measures are generous to at least 33% over. Our worm packaging is saturated with just ready to hatch worm eggs.
Our Worm Cast includes many live worms and scores of fertile capsules.

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