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By:  01-Dec-2010
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 DailyWorkBook is a human networking space providing social networking, location-based networking and interest based networking. This is the book where you share all of your work of the day with others. Its secure and privacy of users is our utmost priority.
DailyWorkBook is a human networking space providing social networking, location-based networking and interest based networking. DailyWorkBook is simple and easy to user. The main menu is quite simple: My Home: This is where an user lands once logged in. In My Home you can do the following: Broadcast or unicast message to friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, classmates. See the messages of your relations as well. Organize your relations based on categories like friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and classmates. Manage your relations or move them from one category to another using our easy to use functionality. All these you can do using WorkBook. Manage and update your personal Information Manage your albums and photo's Manage your videos and share with others. DailyWorkBook helps you to find friends as well. My Favorites: This is an users favorite area. In My Favorite you can do the following: Read the news of your choice like sports or politics or world News or regional news. Create the websites which you visit most and use this function to visit them. It works like My Favorites. Add your hobbies and share with others to review and rate the hobby. See who is followers of your hobby. Play the Games you like. We are trying to create developers version where one can upload the games directly here in the user area and can invite friends to play this. Why to store your Favorite songs in your mobile or PC. You can upload here and can listen anywhere. Please read the Upload Policy as well. You can see the recipes for dinner or desert here in Food. Read the jokes and have a good laugh. You can also enjoy reading poems. Link your Tweets or Blogs here so that everything is managed in one place. This also tells you what did you do in your last login say what you read or games you played. My Contribution: This is where you should contribute and update what is there in your suburb or what’s happening in your locality. This helps other visiting your suburb to find places, businesses, schools, colleges, and hospitals in your locality. You can practically add everything using this. My Community: This helps you to find what is there near your place. You can visit this and add review or rate this. Its helpful for others to decide. Advance Search: This helps you to find friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues, neighbor based on name, location, email or school. You can also search anything which is present in DailyWorkBook Database. There are other features like Alerts for Relation request, mail messages, chat, publishing articles. DailyWorkBook for Business, School, Colleges, Places and Hospitals Create an user and login.Add your business using My Contribution. You can add Photo’s and video’s. You can invite people to view and start review and rating your business.It’s very simple and easy. DailyWorkBook on Mobile DailyWorkBook is also launched for Mobile devices. You can view your Workbook, respond to workbook, view Alerts and Inbox, read news or play games, see what’s in your locality based on present location and find relations. DailyWorkBook for Developer community DailyworkBook is working on creation of web-services and very soon will be available for developer community to use this for showcasing their application on DailyWorkBook. Our motto is to provide better community and harmonious society so that world as always remains a better place for all of us. We foster creativity and want everyone to contribute and make DailyWorkBook scale higher. We are committed to help the society as the society is helping us to make DailyWorkBook a successful venture. Can anyone join DailyWorkBook? Yes anyone can join DailyWorkBook. This site is for all age group and doesn’t allow anyone to upload or text pornographic material, defamatory statements or any kind of notorious stuff. Come and join the site and enjoy yourself.....

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