Freshly baked bread is not always fresh

By: Cordato Partners, Business Lawyers, Property Lawyers and Tourism Lawyers  22-Jul-2014
Keywords: Marketing Law

Don't you love the aroma of fresh baked bread? Would you still love it, and more to the point, still buy it from a Coles In-store Bakery as fresh baked bread if you knew that the bread was half baked elsewhere, then snap frozen, stored and transported to the In-store bakery to be thawed and finished in the baker's oven? Perhaps not. Is it misleading for Coles to market re-baked bread as fresh bread? The Federal Court of Australia thought so in June 2014. The restraining orders and fines Coles will be paying will be determined at a future date. Should everyone who uses the word fresh in their marketing be making sure that it is reserved only for freshly made or freshly produced products? Definitely, because the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will soon come knocking at your door, or more to the point, will be sending you a questionnaire and a notice to produce all your marketing documents. For more information go to

Keywords: Marketing Law

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