By: Classic Whippy  12-Dec-2012
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CORPORATE Organisations are often searching for something a little different, something that will capture people's attention and their imagination. Whether it's for a team building event or just something special for your customers, Classic Whippy can transform an event into something really special that will pull on the heart strings. DANCE PARTIES I can provide my Classic Whippy van as a set for a DJ to play his DJ sets for high scale dance parties. As these types of events promoters are looking for innovative alternatives to wow the audience. The classic vehicle can provide a nostalgic feel and be the focus for a DJ who has the necessary space to play his vynils or CDs. MEDIA Classic Whippy played a part in everybody's life at some stage, therefore it is only natural that film and television companies often seek to integrate them into a storyline of a movie, tv series or even a commercial. Classic Whippy welcomes any opportunities which will serve to promote the positive element of the Ice Cream Industry. Ice Cream Vans are a typically Australian Icon and are synonymous with that feel-good factor associated with summer time and happiness. We are pleased to assist requests from marketing agencies, PR companies etc looking to hire CLASSIC WHIPPYS icecream van for use in a particular campaign. We are always keen to support projects that will portray the Ice Cream Industry in a positive light, and of course they must be in good taste! WEDDINGS AND SPECIAL EVENTS Ice Cream Vans created many fond memories in young and old alike, that's why people associate them with the feel-good factor , the simple pleasures of life. There is something about an Ice Cream Van that when combined with family, friends and sunshine, people have to smile! We receive many requests to supply an Ice Cream Van for a wedding or private party. Classic whippy will always strive to accommodate you on your special day. SCHOOLS, CHURCHES AND CHARITIES The community has supported us since 1976 and so it's only right for us to give back where we can. We can offer Schools, Churches and Charitable organisations discounted packages to support your memorable events. Did you know? Classic Whippy is registered with the New South Wales Food Authority and its operators have completed a health and good practices course. Classic Whippy also has 20 million dollars public liability insurance. You're always in great hands!

Keywords: Ice Cream, Ice Cream Birthday, Ice Cream Cafe, Ice Creams