Osteopathy for Kids

By: Broadway Osteopathy  19-Jul-2012
Keywords: Treatment, Kids and Adolescents

Our Osteopaths regularly assess kids and adolescents for posture, pain and injuries. During the rapid phases of growth that kids go through, their spines can sometimes twist or round under the pressure. Occasionally, kids can also develop painful knees, hips or ankles — also known as growing pains or growth pains — and these problems also need to be assessed. Our Osteopaths can assess these problems quickly and professionally. With kids and adolescents, the key is having an assessment early on so that we can measure and record the issue and take positive steps to resolve it.

Keywords: Kids and Adolescents, Treatment,

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Osteopathy is a recognised and professional system of manual therapy that strongly emphasises the identification of causes for your body's problems. Osteopaths use gentle and effective techniques such as stretching, joint mobilisation, massage and manipulation to skillfully address the significant biomechanical dysfunctions in your body that relate to your complaint. Osteopaths primarily treat musculo-skeletal injuries such as back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain,