Build begins on Victorian Product Catalogue System

By: Bizcaps Software  12-Jul-2012
Keywords: Catalogues, Data Management, Business Process

Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) has started building the Victoria Product Catalogue System (VPCS), putting it on track for use by their Victorian Catalogue Team in late 2012.  

The VPCS will maintain the Victoria Product Catalogue (VPC) and provide reporting, workflow management, email alerts, data translation and data synchronisation. HPV has engaged Bizcaps Software, a GS1net certified product provider, to build the system.  

To populate the VPC, the system will match and merge product and pricing information from the National Product Catalogue (NPC), hosted on GS1 Australia’s GS1net datapool, with HPV contract information. The data loaded into the NPC by suppliers will feed into the VPC on an ongoing basis, meaning suppliers do not need to provide data to both the NPC and the VPC. 

 In July, the VPCS Project Team started loading data for suppliers who are currently on contract with HPV, from the NPC into a basic, test version of VPC. This load will allow HPV to undertake data analysis, NPC compliance auditing and user acceptance testing.   

Once the VPCS goes live, suppliers will be alerted to any discrepancies via email and NPC system messaging. HPV’s Victorian Catalogue Team will continually monitor and maintain the data quality of the VPC. Together with Bizcaps Software and GS1 Australia, they will work with suppliers to ensure that all product and pricing information in the VPC is correct and complete.  

Following its production release later this year, and with it the completion of Stream I, VPCS Stream II will begin. This stream will see the VPCS rolled out to all Victorian public hospitals and health services during 2013/14. This rollout will provide hospitals and health services with VPCS functionality and enable them to synchronise their own catalogues with the VPC.  

“The VPCS will deliver access to common, up-to-date and accurate product and pricing data, reducing management effort in Victoria’s health services and enabling broader supply chain reform,” said Megan Main, HPV CEO. “In addition, it will achieve HPV’s objective of leveraging and improving the collective purchasing power of the Victorian Health service by providing easy access to HPV-negotiated product and pricing information.”  

Suppliers should ensure that their product and pricing information loaded into the NPC is complete and correct and that there are adequate processes are in place to maintain their information.

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