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By: bigweb  08-Oct-2014

Web Designing: Through the website, communication between customer and client gets easy. A perfectly designed website opens the door to build good reputation and goodwill in the market. Increased competition has paved the way for the creation of websites. And it introduced the concept of Web designing and development. Web designing includes the designing of the websites like the look of the website, the functionality of the website and navigation or menu etc. This is the basic facet of the website which should be user friendly and does not complicate the visitor. Web Development: This part is hidden as it contains the back end coding and is not visible to the visitors. You must have heard about the programming so it is that only. The programming is exclusively conscientious for the whole functioning of the website. The interaction and communication depends upon the programming of the website. It certifies the effective working of the website and in case of any issue, making changes in the coding part will help you out in maintaining the site.