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By: BetterDeal  09-Dec-2011
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Be blunt and ask for a better deal from the car dealer. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as that. Be direct and ask them what’s the best price or package deal they can do for you today. Don’t be unwilling to walk away from a deal either – even a special one-off fleet discount on a new car will probably return if needed

If they won’t budge, it’s time to walk. This tells them that you’re not easily sold on the retail price. Let them think they’re reeling you in and then be prepared to leave if they’re unwilling to negotiate further.

This doesn’t mean throwing out ridiculous prices but if your car sales man is unwilling to sacrifice a little of his commission in order to throw in delivery, find one that will. Come back later and speak to another sales man or visit another store. There are usually a few different white good retailers in the vicinity of each other.

Another great technique is to pray on their weaknesses. Turn up to the store or car dealers 15 minutes before closing time on a Friday afternoon. You’ll often find salesmen who are so tired from the long week that they’re willing to forgo their entire commission in order to get you out of the store so they can go home. Sure, it’s sneaky but you can save mega bucks using this technique!

Keywords: Car Sales

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