Coconut Concentrate - better in 100% natural coconut flavour !

By: Agraxia Trading - The Coconut Specialist  06-Jul-2011

Our best selling product - Coconut Concentrate!

Our coconut concentrate is made of 100% coconut with Natural extra virgin coconut oil in the content. Hence, it will solidify if the temperature is below 23 degree.

We have various packaging range from 50g (in aluminum bag) , 250g (in jar), 500g (in bag), 1kg (in PE food grade bag), and 5kg (in PE food grade bag).

Coconut Concentrate has stronger coconut aroma as compared to the coconut cream and coconut milk that you can easily found in the market.  Coconut Concentrate is easily diluted with warm water, e.g. if you would like to have thick coconut milk: Use 50g of coconut concentrate + 150ml water, and thin coconut milk: Use 50g + 250ml water accordingly. Else, adjust it to your own flavour easily!

We have proven recipes and satisfied customers. Coconut Concentrate is made in Malaysia and is currently supplying to local restaurants chain, food manufacturing in both local and overseas. 

It is the best recipe for cooking with the essence of coconut purely, without cholesterol, no preservatives, no water content, no artificial material, high in fiber, fulfill GAPS dietary, 100% natural and proudly made in Malaysia in an international standard manufacturing factory.

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