By: Adicolor Pty Ltd  12-Oct-2011
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Originally designed for professional painters the Accubrush™ XT painting tool has become a popular tool for domestic use due to its extra rigid, reinforced construction for durability and pole mount facility. The pole mount makes cutting in around ceiling even faster and safer than our MX range by removing the need to climb and move ladders.
The Accubrush™  XT has an additional ball joint coupling between the handle and the paint edger body, plus 2 additional wheels. These extra features both increase manoeuvrability across the wall service and gives 360° control without losing surface contact making it even easier to cut-in around difficult shapes and keep control especially when pole mounted.  
You are probably thinking that the XT painting tool sounds like the best cutting in tool ever and too good to be true. Well yes, it is the best available on the market today and it really does give an exceptionally accurate brush stroke free cutting-in around walls, windows, doors, sockets & switches, picture rails and skirting boards in seconds compared to working by hand. However it has one minor drawback, as the edging tool uses a setback roller it cannot get all the way in to ‘inside corners’ and leaves a small 5-7cm gap that will need to be finished by hand. To help you with this we supply a special separate edging brush with some of our kits to help finish those ‘inside edges’ professionally and quickly. 
We supply two Accubrush™ XT painting tool packages: The Accubrush™ XT Jumbo Kit and the top of the range Accubrush™ Professional Kit. You can find exact package specification outlined in the table below.
All goods are shipped via Australia Post Registered within Australia. Delivery takes 3-6 working days. If you require express postage or international rates please  email your request.
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