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By: wokiit  12-Jul-2012
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When engaged in a business where every minute is precious, you must be familiar with the hassle of having your work inbox flooded with spam messages. This can be a most frustrating experience not to mention time consuming as you try and go through each and every one of these junk mail messages. You may have instructed your staff to sort out the company's inbox to weed out the spam from legit business-related matters. This sorting out activity is not only a waste of time but a complete waste of energy which can be put in more serious matters in your business. Their productivity is reduced and your patience is tested. In-house software may be applied to your network to try and prevent the issue from repeating itself but more often than not, it is a lost cause as the spam has already infiltrated your business network. Another problem with any in-house software filter systems is that they require much resource from your server which can seriously slow down your network over-all and result in a poorer server performance. Woki IT exclusively offers only the best in spam and malware filtering technology for your email accounts and network before they even get a chance to infiltrate your business. All incoming email messages are redirected to our highly effective spam filtering technology.It comes with 3 powerful levels of protection and is guaranteed to completely block out 99 percentage of spam email messages. This is the kind of IT outsource service you get from Woki IT. Our filtering IT support services is a behind-the-scene operation so you are completely free from having to install any additional software or hardware on your end. Everything is done for you at top accuracy so you do not have to worry about anything. We update our filters regularly at a minimum of once a day to keep our systems up to date with newly formed and circulating spam attacks from all corners of the globe. As pricing is determined per mailbox, we highly recommend that you contact us to get a full and accurate account in pricing. You can also avail of special bulk discounts. Absolutely no ongoing maintenance is necessary so your email accounts can be set up instantly and be protected in no time. Keep out unwanted spam messages forever and concentrate only on what matters in your mail with our brand of IT consulting services. Know the difference between a smooth sailing email operations and one that is unprotected from spam. Workflow is optimized, time is efficiently managed and productivity is increased. Your business can be run better without the hassle of spam and all its unnecessary and time-eating contents.

Keywords: Network Server Setup

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