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By: wokiit  12-Jul-2012
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A large number of Woki IT clients are doing business with Genie Solutions, Australia's number one provider of medical software services. Woki IT's technical staff has worked closely with Genie Solutions, thus making a team up with this giant provider a viable and a potentially gainful exercise that can benefit both WokiIT and Genie Solutions. An ideal working relationship can be achieved with Genie Solutions considering the fact our WOKI IT staff has teamed up with the former in performing jobs like setting up, maintenance, support, back up and data recovery. Working with Genie solutions will further strengthen our IT stronghold, especially in the area of medical IT support and maintenance. Because of the first hand experience gained by our Woki IT staff with the best provider of medical software services Genie Solutions, a greater understanding and knowledge of each other's technical knowhow will work greatly for both partners. This will broaden our IT base thus allowing us to reach more clients and provide them with IT service. Genie Solutions will also benefit greatly from a partnership with Woki IT maintenance, specifically in the fields of: Initial setup. This is vital to Genie Solution's off site operations especially offsite, where the WokiIT network is based. Maintenance. Our staff at Woki IT can help Genie solutions in IT maintenance to ensure sustained IT operations. Updates. Constant updating of files and other vital data is one of Woki IT's strongest points. Scanning. Our staff can be a big help in this area because of their first hand on-the-job experience. Offsite logging. Considering Woki IT's broad network base, this will surely benefit Genie Solution's operations. Remote access. Woki IT's extensive networking can help in remote accessing of otherwise unreachable areas. Importing electronic pathology results. Woki IT will be an asset for the company due to its first hand knowledge of the company's IT requirements. Online Back-up Services. Our competent IT team will ensure efficient and prompt IT servicing in this area. Data recovery. A sensitive job that calls for an experienced and skillful team, which is available anytime at Woki IT. Since we have set up IT operations in practically all major areas of Australia, a partnership with the country's largest medical software services provider would be most convenient and practical. Both will have everything to gain businesswise, in this venture. Good business sense dictates that much can be gained from joint under takings, as each would be able to share and impart their individual expertise to make their operations more viable and profitable.

Keywords: Remote Computer Access

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