Media alert – Sydney Airport 23 November 2005, 10.00 am

By: Sydney Airport  22-Nov-2005

A media demonstration of a new runway debris detection radar system will be held at Sydney Airport on Wednesday, 23 of November at 10.00 am. This new groundbreaking Tarsier system, which has the potential to save lives and reduce damage to aircraft caused by runway debris, can replace the current manual approach which involves inspection by airport safety staff. It is estimated that debris damage and delays cost the international airline industry $4 billion US last year. It is believed that runway debris was a major contributing factor to the crash of the Concorde flight in Paris in July 2000. The Tarsier system is being installed at Vancouver airport and has undergone successful trials at Londons Heathrow, the worlds busiest airport. Sydney is the first airport in the southern hemisphere to trial the Tarsier system where it will be demonstrated for the management of the major airports in the region.