Florian Accounting Provides Advice About Getting That Accounting Job In A Tougher Job Market .

By: Florian Partners  27-Mar-2012
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When the job market is strong, its not so critical to have all the skills and tick every box the employer wants. With the rising living costs leading to a slow down of the local economy, having the right skills is crucial to getting a job, according to professional accounting and bookkeeping company Florian Accounting. Statistics show unemployment rising slightly above 5% in December 2011. While that is still a historical low, the trend is rising and there is increasing underemployment with the ABS noting there are over 800,000 part time employees who would prefer to work longer hours. There are some bright spots in the economy. The resource States of Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory have good prospects for job seekers, however most people in accounting don’t necessarily see themselves working in regional areas, but more in the cities like in Sydney or Brisbane, where Florian Accounting are based. How can job seekers in the accounting field improve their job prospects? The answer is for them to upskill. When people hear this, they might just be thinking of taking more courses to improve their technical skills. This is only half the answer. While technical skills are important and worthy of further discussion, the other important half are soft skills. How can technical skills be improved? Learning and reading from a book is useful to some extent, but to really know how things work inside-out and how to handle all the different situations that will come up against you in the real world, practice and application is more important. That’s why for someone working in the accounting field with little or no experience, the interview process and interviewing confidently can be a tough time, regardless of what market conditions we are in. For those that have an accounting degree but little experience, they should seek an internship with an accounting firm or get some mentoring and training from an accountant. Being able to look under the bonnet of a real accounting practice can really open your eyes. Ideally, seek to get access to some practice work in an accounting firm such as Florian Accounting, or basic work experience. Even watching how things are done and asking why things are done a certain way can build up a lot of knowledge quickly. A picture paints a thousand words as they say, but action is the first step towards mastery. Soft skills As mentioned before, upskilling is not just improving technical skills. It includes soft skills too. Soft skills include communication, building relationships, leadership, presentations and sales. While these are considered useful for many people, there is often not the same level of investment in these areas, particularly from people from Asian backgrounds which make up a large pool of accounting graduates seeking jobs. What makes it worse is that they are often competing with local candidates who have less of a language problem being native speakers. This puts them at a double disadvantage. Because of this disadvantage, Coco Hou, Senior Accountant at Florian Accounting recommends spending more time in these areas. According to Coco “it is more important to improve all your soft skills because these are used moreso during the interview process. Just imagine, when you are going for a job, you need to communicate well, behave confidently, present your arguments logically, build a relationship with a stranger within 30 minutes and sell yourself.” She recommends doing an interview course as it can help immensely in letting people see their blind spots. Conclusion While the situation may be daunting, there are ways you can get help to land a job. Florian Accounting runs accounting internships to help you get the practice you need to understand the technical side of accounting and improve your confidence. Florian Accounting also runs interview courses to help you build soft skills to perform at your best during interviews. To get more details, visit the website at www.floriancorp.com.au or call 02 8889 4111. ENDS Florian Accounting has been trading since 2009 and has offices in Sydney and Brisbane. For more information contact Florian Accounting on 02 8889 4111 or email info@floriancorp.com.au. For further accounting technical and interview tips please go to: http://florianaccounting.blogspot.com.au/ Or make contact on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/FlorianAccounts Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Florian-Accounting/149297641796308 LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/florian-accounting

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