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By: Florian Partners  26-Oct-2011
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There are many university graduates with accounting degrees entering the job market each year. However, people are finding it is rather difficult to find a job, especially for those who have a degree and not much professional experience. Florian Accounting now provide a solution for these new graduates.

Many overseas students or migrants - especially those from Asian countries – are finding it difficult to find a job, which is surprise as they have a fundamental belief that high qualifications equals a high paying job. In fact, a lot of migrants with overseas CPA or CA level qualifications found their dreams of embarking on a successful accounting career in Australia crushed once they start looking for work.

Job hunters soon realize that they really need hands on local work experience to get a foothold into the market. The ironic thing is no-one will give you the chance to get local work experience if you don’t have local work experience. This is a Catch 22 that is typical of the majority of professional roles.

Graduate programs, such as those offered by Florian Accounting, are the ideal method of starting an accounting career. To be successful, Florian understands the employer’s point of view.

Will someone with 20 years of bookkeeping experience for small business entities be qualified to work in an Assistant Accountant role in a medium sized organization to complete month end tasks? The answer is no. So this local work experience to be more specific should mean relevant technical skills.

Universities put a major focus on management accounting skills such as management accounting, consolidation, financial reporting, accounting rules and principles which are relevant for those at mid-career level. While this knowledge is useful for an accounting career, it results in a trade-off of time studied on complex matters versus even knowing the basics of an accounting function. The result is that many graduates cannot even tell what the components are for a valid tax invoice, let alone basic bookkeeping for the simplest client.

In comparison the universities, TAFE has been doing a better job. They offer a Certificate III and Certificate IV MYOB training. Students are required to use MYOB the entire time, however they also have never had to code an actual tax invoice. They are familiar with the functions, but they still don’t know how to link the software with the accounts data. So when they go to interview the recruiter can tell from basic questions such as ‘How many tax invoices can you process?’ that the person is not suitable for the business.

The government has already realized this problem. That is how the accounting internship for Professional Year came into being. These internships require interns to work in an accounting office environment for 3 months for free. The whole idea is to bridge the gap between university education and real accounting work requirements. Interns are required to perform certain tasks such as accounting and administration tasks. In return the company will sign off local work experience reference to assist interns in their job hunting.

Florian Accounting are one of the private entrants in the accounting training field that have started providing practical training and internship programs as a package. They target medium to large organizations, corporate accounting skills and also provide workspace for interns to work with experienced accountants on the companies internal data.

But remember, it takes more than just the work experience program. New graduates will also need to be and act polished during the interview stages, plus they will also need persistence and luck in getting the role you want.


Florian Accounting has been trading since 2009 and has offices in Sydney and Brisbane. For more information contact Florian Accounting on 02 8889 4111 or email info@floriancorp.com.au.

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Keywords: Accounting & Bookkeeping, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, Bookkeeping and Payroll

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