EOS-ENVIRO Multi-Rail Hook Lifts for DINO & Standard Bins - Series MRS

EOS-ENVIRO Multi-Rail Hook Lifts for DINO & Standard Bins - Series MRS from EOS-ENVIRO

By: EOS-ENVIRO  19-Aug-2015
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Multi-Rail Hook Lifts for DINO & Standard Bins - Series MRS Articulated/Sliding/Double Extendible (Telescopic) Versions Front & Rear Lockings Range: From 5 tons up to 40 tons lifting capacity Suitable for 2 axles/3 axles/4 axles & 5 axles Truck Chassis The Multi-Rail Range (MRS-Series) has been recently developed in cooperation with our Australian Distributor E.P.E. Pte Ltd. in St Marys/NSW and is based on the long- standing, proven design of Articulated (SCK-Series), Sliding (SC- Series) and Double Extendible/Telescopic (KT-Series) EOS-ENVIRO Hook Lifts, which are produced since almost 40 years by our contractual manufacturers in Italy. Multi-Rails are the ultimate & economic solution for your operations, if you have to handle and transport alternately DINO and Standard Bins. Due to the altered rear roller bearings and rear lockings, Multi- Rail Hook Lifts demonstrate successfully the capability of being one unit for two different subframe widths: 660 mm (DINO Bins) & 1,060 mm (Standard)! The robust and sturdy Multi-Rail Range comes with lifting capacities of 5 tons up to 40 tons with Rear Lockings, which are protected by guide plates against damages caused by the rails, and with hydraulically operated Rear Roll Stabilizer, which avoids an accidental overbalance during lifting and tipping, as standard version. Easily to be fitted onto your truck chassis by our contractual workshop near Sydney/NSW or supplied for self- assembling at your yard, the Multi-Rail Hook Lift is available as a fully fabricated module in a lot of various dimensions, which suit to all commonly used truck chassis in Australia with 2 up to 5 axles. Of course, we can also fulfill your special requirements concerning a custom-made resource, which profits to your company ! EOS-ENVIRO Hook Lift Module SCK 206 L/MRS (20 tons lifting capacity) Technical Specification: For Hook Lift Bins with 660 mm and 1.060 mm rail distance Overall Length of Subframe: 6,592 mm Hydraulic Rear Lockings for 660 mm & 1.060 mm rails Overall Width of Module: 1,176 mm Height of Hook Post: 1,430 mm Height of Frame: 365 mm Max. Lifting Capacity: 20 tons Min. Truck GVW: 26 tons Tare Weight: 2,970 kg Tipping Angle: 48 degrees Hydraulic Pump Flow: 75 l/min. required 140 ltrs. Hydraulic Oil Tank Vertically descending rear roll stabilizer Max. Working Pressure: 340 bar Side flow control main valve distributor Interlock on rear external hydraulic locking Length of Container/Bin: Min. 5,500 mm/Max. 7,300 mm Equipped with 2 x 2 rear rollers (660 mm & 1,070 mm width)/lubrication nipples Control by hand push-button (Command keyboard) Operating & Maintenance Manual CE-Certificate Design acc. to ADR's/3rd Version ! Remarks: Articulated, Sliding or Double Extendible Hook Lift Arm Multi-Rail-System (with DINO-Bins compatible !) Additional Front Lockings (Hydraulically operated) ! Available also in other dimensions & with different lifting capacities on request

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