LEDTSL Tram Side Light

LEDTSL Tram Side Light from Innovec Controls

By: Innovec Controls  03-May-2014
Keywords: Led Lighting, Lighting Solutions, Led Light

The LEDTSL Tram Side Sight is a 24VDC powered LED (light emitting diode) lighting strip measuring 65mm wide x 185mm high with a depth of 29mm. The system comprises a LED array that is supplied in an injection moulded enclosure with an aluminium mounting plate and a weatherproof rating of IP65. The system is intended for tram rolling stock applications. FEATURES • Six high intensity amber LED’s with a 120 degree view angle • Electrical connection by Huber & Suhner EN306-2 300V flying leads with Hella HM4982-P/HM4982S weatherproof connector pair • Environmental approval to AS60068, IEC61373 and AS60529 • Plastic enclosure is made from polycarbonate with 1% UV stabiliser • Nominal 24VDC [18-36VDC] • Low cost - High performance • Application is for side indication light on tram rolling stock The LEDTSL side light is an advanced instrument that have been designed and manufactured to stringent specifications. The LEDTSL is a Led array suitable for harsh and long life. It has been designed to reject electrical interference that normally abounds in industrial environments and includes flying lead electrical connection. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Display • An array of 6 high contrast light emitting diodes (LED) with a light emission angle of 120 degrees for each LED and a minimum light intensity of 200 Lux. The LEDs are arranged in 2 independent circuits so the loss of one led will not stop the light from functioning. Environmental Parameters • The light is protected to IP65. It has a silicon tube gasket between top and bottom sections of the plastic enclosure. Silicon foam washer under the top and bottom fixing screws. • The aluminium mounting plate is set into the base of the housing on a bed of Sika Marine sealant. • The light is mounted to the tram on a 1.5mm die cut silicon foam gasket Approval Parameters • Humidity AS60068.2.78-2003 • Random vibration IEC61373-2010 • Shock IEC61373-2010 • Rain AS60529-2004, IP5X • Salt/Fog AS60068.2.11-2003 Connection Details • Terminal 1: 24VDC active supply (flying lead marked with red heat sink) • Terminal 2: 0VDC supply (flying lead unmarked) • Terminal 3:Ground supply (3mm brass earth stud) Power Supply • 24VDC (18-36VDC). • Current consumption is 350mA @ 24VDC • Reverse polarity protection (reverse connection will not cause damage). Weight • LEDTSL is 200grams. Mounting Details • Surface mounting injection moulded polycarbonate enclosure of case dimensions 65mm wide x 185mm high by 29mm deep. It has fixing centres of 120mm high x 60mm wide. A 4mm stainless steel screw is recommended. Ordering Information • The part number is configured as. • Model/input signal/display units/power supply/options. • Sample number for tram side light: LEDTSL/6/200/24V.

Keywords: Energy Efficient Lighting, Led Light, Led Lighting, Lighting Solutions

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