Manuscript Development. 'The Jade Wardens' by Richard Forge. Crossover Fantasy. (Dec '09-June '11)

By: Flood Manuscripts  16-Jun-2011
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Thanks so much for everything you’ve done, Tom. Your support has been amazing. I used a MS assessor before you, made changes to the MS, but didn’t really understand why, and so didn’t improve much. I feel much more confident as a writer after working with you. Partially because you were so blunt with your initial appraisals. It meant that when you gave compliments later, I felt confident you weren’t blowing wind up my sails. Streamlining (and punctuation) seemed to be the key.The biggest change is that I feel that I’m much more confident at picking what is good writing and what is drivel. I’ve got a feel for what I’m aiming for.

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