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Karate lessons for Children from Success Martial Arts

By: Success Martial Arts  06-Mar-2013
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Success Martial Arts Black Belt Karate Academy gives your child the opportunity to explore his or her innate powers and to increase in strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and harmony. Studies indicate that karate and the Martial Arts are 10 times better than team sports at developing a child's self esteem and confidence. No other activity produces such dramatic results. The SMA “Ten Point Success System” 1. Positive Role Models: The biggest asset of “Richard Marlin’s Success Martial Arts Black Belt Academy?” The teachers. They are not like the teachers you’ve seen in the martial art movies. Are they “tough?” Yes. But what you will notice (and so will your child)…is that they are also “nice.” They have been hand picked…not just because they are great martial artists. They have been chosen because they are wonderful people…and have a great love of helping others benefit from the martial arts! All of our teachers started out as students at “Richard Marlin’s Success Martial Arts Black Belt Academy” themselves. They care - and are totally committed to helping your child reach his or her potential. 2. Physical Fitness: It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you are out of shape physically…or when your basic physical skills have not been fully developed. Our belief is that, regardless of how physically talented somebody seems to be…there is a champion inside all of us. When a student feels their physical skills skyrocket…it’s not long before their self-image follows. 3. A High Energy, Exciting Environment: Many children have grown accustomed to virtual activities (video games, television, facebook). Participating in an exciting, high energy environment, focused on an actual activity, will give your child a very real sense of achievement. 4. Regular Incentives for Effort and Achievement: The belt system of the martial arts (your child will earn a new belt every quarter: white, gold, orange, green, etc.), regular positive feedback and recognition of accomplishment will systematically lead your child into the “Yes, I Can!” attitude that we all want for our children. 5. Our “Dojo Philosophy”: Regular exposure, through our “Skills of Mastery” to systematic instruction, accompanied by exercises in the "Principles of the Black Belt," honesty, respect, humility, self-control, perseverance, contribution and indomitable spirit. (Most of the “Richard Marlin’s Success Martial Arts Black Belt Academy” parents name this as their favourite part of the program.) 6. A Proven System of Skill Development: No fancy theories or hard to understand concepts here. Our teachers are experts in teaching the actual SKILLS of listening and focus. Hint: We’ll be teaching these to your child in the very first week. 7. A Series of Positively Constructed Challenges that will build your child’s confidence. You will be delighted as you see your child moves outside their comfort zone. As the weeks go by, you will smile with pride as your son or daughter moves from challenge to challenge…their confidence soaring at each new accomplishment. 8. An Atmosphere of Respect: You watch with satisfaction as your child learns to give respect and to earn respect. Most importantly, they learn the essential lessons of Self-Respect. 9. Order and Structure: Even though the atmosphere is friendly and supportive, Karate is not “play time.” You will be delighted to see how your child develops focus and persistence in our orderly, structured environment. 10. A Friendship Based Environment: If you are expecting the old, harsh, authoritarian, military style martial arts training…you are going to be sadly disappointed. When you visit us, you will find a friendly, supportive environment. Some of the teachers and long time students have been friends for nearly 30 years. That atmosphere of friendship, support, and respect will give your child the support he or she needs to succeed.

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