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By: Preston Storage  07-Mar-2015
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Preston Storage provides a range of packing products, Packing boxes These will help keep your belongings safe, and can help to keep your storage unit packed efficiently – they’re designed to stack together like Tetris. Clothes boxes If you intend to keep clothes in your Superbox, a clothing box is a must to ensure they won’t get dirty and musty. Clothes boxes are designed so that clothes can hang neatly inside the box, well protected for the duration of your storage rental. Packing paper Wrapping breakables with packing paper will ensure they remain safe while your Superbox is in transit. Keeping a layer of packing paper in the top and bottom of each box is also a good idea. Labels Labelling your boxes is very important, because it can all become very confusing after the tenth identical box. Make sure you write clear labels as well – there’s nothing worse than needing to find one kitchen utensil, and having to hunt through ten boxes marked “kitchen items” just to find it. Bubble Wrap Bubble wrap works best as protection for more breakable stuff. It’s a good idea to pack out any gaps in boxes with bubble wrap as well – especially electronic items – to stop anything from rattling about. Packaging tape Boxes should be taped at the top and bottom with packaging tape once everything’s inside, to help keep them safely packed in the storage unit. This will also help prevent the bottom falling out while your moving things around during storage rental. Moving trolley Although by using portable storage, you won’t have to move your storage items very far, there might still be things you intend to store that will just be too heavy to lift. A moving trolley is probably a good idea if you intend to store anything particularly big or heavy. Marker Pen If you don’t have labels, a marker pen is a good way to go. Write what’s inside each box down the side, or use it to mark anything fragile, breakable, or particularly heavy. It will make things much easier during your storage rental. Pen and paper It’s really important to keep a plan while you’re moving things into your portable storage box. Planning which items should go where, and keeping track of their final position, will make your storage rental much easier in the long run. Mattress Cover Mattresses need extra protection during storage rental, so they don’t get damaged or dusty. Mattress covers are an easy way to protect your mattress while it’s in storage, and to ensure it doesn’t get damaged while it’s being moved in and out of the Superbox. Padlock and keys Remember that it’s up to you to lock up your Superbox and retain the keys, so don’t forget to buy a secure padlock for the duration of your storage rental.

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Preston storage will help you with your business moving and gives you benefit; 1. Renovating or relocating business 2. Storing excess stock for the short of long term 3. Storing items at a convenient location where you can access 24/7 4. Reduce the OH&S risks and staff hazards at your premises

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At Preston, our promise to you lower the cost of storage, and with the Preston self storage, we can lower stress levels as well. It’s the best way to go!


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One of good thing about renting Preston Self Storage is if you are moving house, you can store items ahead of your moving date to reduce pressure on the actual settlement date.

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Preston Storage will help you in every way they can, as a company, we are committed to our customers and ensure that your storage rental goes as smoothly as possible. At Preston, our promise to you lower the cost of storage, and with the Preston self storage, we can lower stress levels as well. It’s the best way to go!