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By: Origin OZ  19-May-2014
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Safety glass is used to reduce the risk of injury from an accidental impact and consequential glass breakage. LAMINATED GLASS Laminated glass holds the glass together when shattered. They comprise of two or more layered glass sheets permanently bonded together by an interlayer or resin. Laminated glass are typically used in application where there may be incidents of human impact or where the glass could fall and shatter. Our laminated glass are produced to certified Australian engineering specifications, and we are able to laminate most glass types to cater to customer specific requirements such as energy efficiency, security, acoustic solutions and decorative preferences. ORIGIN OZ offers a variety of glass and interlayer products that include an extensive range of colours; solar controls with low emissivity; and cyclone resistant, ballistic and bomb resistant glass. TOUGHENED GLASS / TEMPERED GLASS Glass that has been tempered is four to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. It can absorb direct high impact forces and in the event that it does break, the resulting glass fragments will be in the form of small blunt particles as opposed to sharp shards. TOUGHENED-LAMINATED GLASS The principal benefit of toughened/tempered laminated glass lies in its strength and performance under impact. It is capable of withstanding very large loads, and in the unlikely event of being broken the resulting fragments will be retained by the interlayer. When properly glazed, it will normally remain in place until replacement is convenient. The strength of toughened laminated glass makes it ideal for use as balustrades and barriers, overhead canopies, shower screens, stove tops and hobs, cookware, tableware, glass floors, fins, and for bomb blast resistance.

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