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By: Fitch Fuel Catalyst  03-Nov-2010
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After fitting thousands of engines with FITCH the average motorist reports of saving better than a litre of fuel for each 100ks travelled,into the bargain all report of reduced exhaust emissions from their engines.Also this product reduces pollution into engine oil by better than 50%,this product also avails those who run premium fuel to operate on normal unleaded with same performance as premium,A test carried out at RTA revealed a Rodeo reduced exhaust enmissiond by 50%,also revealed a landcruiser (petrol) reduced fuel usage by 1.4  litres per hundred.Owner of a 8.6 ltr IZUZU reported of travelling .4 of a kilometer further on each litre of fuel burned.So my adage of save a litre of fuel for each 100k you travell is out of order,as average motorists report of savings better.Reports of motorcycle owners reveal of most motorcycles travelling up to 20k further on each tank of fuel.

Keywords: Cars, Diesel, Engines, Garden Equipment & Services, Gas, Lawnmowers, Motor Bikes, Trucks

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Fitch fuel Catalyst

NO Fitch fitted to your engine no--(##@@$$#)

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Fuel savings,exhaust emission reduction, power gains, extended engine life,easier starts which equate to extended battery  and starter life.

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fitch fuel catalyst

Any engine fitted with fitch, saves fuel and reduces exhaust emissions and gains power.