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By: Ladder Technologies Pty Ltd  04-Dec-2012
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Solar Panels have developed profoundly since their creation in 1839 by Antoine-Cesar Becquerel. Since then, improved solar cells have become a reliable source for electricity, with solar cells currently make up more than 1% of the worlds’ electricity supplies. By 2030 solar renewable energy is forecast to make up to 2% of this number. Solar panels are great for the environment, and many countries such as Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy and USA have led the way globally with government action. Here at Laddertech our beliefs are not any different and we will help you to find the best price for a complete solar package, to assist you in reducing your carbon footprint. A solar power system is not only an investment in the future of our planet; it is an investment that will show returns as soon as your first electricity bill arrives. A 3.0 kW photovoltaic solar system may earn the owner approximately $1750 every year in savings depending on cost of electricity and other external factors. Their are several advantages that come with making the choice to install a solar system from Laddertech including: Fiscal savings, during these tough economic times lower your energy bills by generating your own pure and unspoiled electricity. Find the usually complicated process simple, because your system comes completely installed and we will organise everything from your paperwork to connection to the grid. Get a grid-connected solar energy system that best meets your needs and desires. Enjoy the extraordinarily LOW PRICES from Laddertech. Continual assistanxe from our team of dedicated and hardworking solar energy specialists. Experience peace of mind knowing your solar panels come with a 25 year performance warranty. Your system will be installed by a BCSE grid-connect accredited installer, who will personally sign off on the installation report at the time of commissioning. The ever increasing price of electricty and global pollution from burning fossil fuelS means that solar is becoming evermore the most economically and environmentally viable solution to our household electricity needs. Appreciate the wide range of solar panels available and the diverse range of packages Laddertech offers.

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