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Client Testimonials from Leap To Life

By: Leap To Life  07-Apr-2011
Keywords: Health, Back Pain, Anxiety

 “Since completing LEAP with Janet our daughter approaches new situations & tasks with confidence and enthusiasm. Her speed of processing has increased dramatically. Janet’s skillful fun and patient approach has made an incredible contribution to our daughter’s happiness and development. Thank you so much Janet!”

"Cooper seems to be much happier and healthier. He hasn’t had a cold or runny nose for weeks - something he seemed to have constantly – and is starting to initiate more play with his brother. Thanks (Jayne) for your ongoing help, it’s the most progress we’ve made yet”. Debbie M, Belrose

“After suffering from severe lower back pain for at least 15 years, I visited Elaine for a kinesiology balance. That one balance changed my life: I no longer get out of bed like an 80 year old woman and I can now sit comfortably for hours.” Sonia Cazzulino-Blake

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